What are you reading?

lilodApril 28, 2003

What do you prefer - magazines, books, newspapers or all or none of the above?

I have discontinued the daily paper when I got my computer - reading several newspapers on line, instead - also browse the weekly newspublictions on line; saves paper and one can pick and choose what information to absorb and reject.

I do get the local weekly and one regional weekly publication, as I live in an area of strong and diverse opinions, just the Letters to the Editor are worth the price of the subscription.

Other than that I receive Harper's, The Sun and Green Prints, "the weeder's Digest", a delightful quarterly and the AArp magazine, which has improved a lot once the organization realized that not everyone falls into the "geezer" category (no offense to any single geezers)

What about your preferences?

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I'm omnivorous when it comes to which media I prefer to read. Books, magazines, newspapers, e-media - it's all on my reading list.
I have no subscriptions at the moment. I subscribed to National Geographic for 13 years before they changed editors and it started turning into a glorified travel brochure. I also subscribed to Practical Photography until they started recycling the articles. I sometimes bought women's magazines, like Marie Claire and Bite, and news media like Time and Newsweek, until the *#"%$/& goverment slapped a 24,5% tax on books and magazines. Luckily, the institution I work for subscribes to two daily newspapers and a weekly gossip magazine, so I don't have to buy those.
I mostly read books at home, and my shelves are crammed with history, biographies, craft books, encyclopedias, travel literature and fantasy novels. At the moment I'm reading "Night Watch" by Terry Pratchett (for the 3rd time) and "Travels with my Aunt" by Graham Greene. I haven't bought a new book in this country for several years - I get them second hand and foreign books I order from Amazon to avoid the 200-300% markup in the bookshops here.

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No newspapers for me. Not even Sunday. I don't have room for another recycling pile; and they pile up so fast! Between TV, radio, and web news, I don't feel the need for a paper anymore.

I have stacks and stacks of retail catalogs that I browse with my meals. I keep them because I'm always certain to see something I plan to order. But I never do. Every few months I shorten the piles by a couple of feet and take them to the recycling center. I do get Tennis and AARP magazines by virtue of my memberships. These I read cover to cover.

There are usually 6-10 books around; 2 or 3 of them being read at the same time. All are from the library. At one time, I belonged to several book clubs and had a large collection but, after a while, they got hard to dust and hard to move, so I sold most of them and became a frequent library user. I also volunteer in the Books for the Homebound program so I get the perk of no overdue fines. Saves me a bundle since I never know what or how many books I have or when they are due. ;-)

At the moment I'm reading My Losing Season by Pat Conroy. But I'm about to abandon it. It was heavily promoted and I figured it must have something besides basketball to appeal to a wide audience. Nope! Just basketball. I'm also reading Sea Glass by Anita Shreve. This one is a gem. A novel with interlocking stories about the ways the '29 stock market crash affected a handful of different people in a small town on the New Hampshire coast. I recommend it.

Any way we could have an ongoing book thread? Or maybe there's already one on another forum?


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I read from the computer. I have webtv and a big screen and it is amazing how many books are online.
Also find it interesting to research some subject that I know little about when I see people here at the forums discussing intensely. I am just now reading everything in a Mother Teresa folder that I saved monthes ago.

I have always loved to read. I quit going to our small library a few years ago so reading online has been wonderful.


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I haven't read a novel in over 5 years. Just don't have time anymore.

For me it's magazines, catalogues and the web.

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I'm an avid reader of books, and have a vast collection of them. Many different genres, but I'm not into spy-thrillers. I usually read 'by the author', going through an entire collection before beginning on the next author. I haunt second-hand bookshops and garage sales for books, seldom buy them new. The only time I read a magazine is in the doctor's waiting room. To me, they are utter rubbish, good money wasted on reams of advertising. If you're into quality reading material, the Gutenberg site is one I recommend, and if you have other site recommendations with free downloads, I'd love you to share.

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I agree most magazines are crap. Same old recycled topics. Sorry, I should've specified I read professional magazines (civil engineering). TIME is my favorite news magazine.

I used to do that too, Daisy. I read almost all the Tom Clancy and John Grisham novels in the early to mid 90's. Then I moved on to Nelson Demille but I only read 2 of his books "Charm School" and another I can't remember the name before I discovered Maeve Binchy ("The Glass Lake" and "Circle of Friends"). That's when I bought a house and no longer had time to read. :(

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Hi, I'm new here.
I love going to the bookstore, but with most books, when I'm finished, I'm finished. So they go to the VA Hospital or (if the cat chews or pees on them) into the trash.
I like mysteries & gardening books mostly.
The best magazine I ever subscribed to was Smithsonian.
24.5% tax on books??? Couldn't we send Netla something to read???

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