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budsterApril 16, 2008

Has anyone bought the new (OK it's new to me) Sidewinder ? A little machine that will wind your bobbins separate from using your machine. They seem to be very popular and the Walmart in my area has them for just under $20.00 - yes I know that's alot of bobbins to wind for the price but I am just wondering if people have them and actually like them. I can see where they might be handy in some cases.........and then I wonder if it is just the newest "fad" must have. Opinions? Oh and I also know they don't work with some bobbins from certain machines...has anyone purchased one and if so what is your take on this newest sewing aide?

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I have been wondering the same thing. I am going into
Jo-ann Fabrics this afternoon and I will ask if they sell many. I will let you know.. I have a big plastic container of bobbins. I usually fill a couple at a time of the colors I use the most often.

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I don't have one ,nor do i plan to get one.Would rather use my 20 bucks for something more interesting.

I keep a couple bobbins filled all the time with black,white,ecru and grey.The other i filled as i needed them to match the color of whatever i was sewing at the time.I've ben doing it this way for over 50 years,so don't plan to change.Ya know the saying"if it ain't broke,don't fix it". That's my motto.

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I just love my machine that winds the bobbin.

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Hey Bud...I just got one...it was a gift from my cousin's wife. I'm doing some sewing for her sister who is in the hospital so it was a late birthday/thank you gift.

I like it. And it's little and cute.


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I bit the bullet and picked one up.....and so far it is working fine. I even managed to rig it up so I could wind from my smaller serger cones, you had to get a little creative on the how to's but it worked fine. So far I've no complaints but it will have to see more service before I really decide if it is worth while or not. So I'm still sitting on the fence...good thing/worthless thing, time will tell. Budster.

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I've seen them too, and considered getting one.

If and when my sewing room remodel is finished, I'll be making quilt tops again. I normally load up 12 bobbins at once when I start a new quilt project so then I'm good to go.

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All my machinery is "industrial" and bobbin winders are part and parcel of the "bench" set up with every machine. I wind bobbins while I'm operating the machine.

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