new gal in town

appy_dazeApril 24, 2006


I'm marie and I am new to this single site. It seems to move very slow....

I'm 36, have a farm in new york. anyone else running a farm or homestead alone??? tell me about yer place. and how do you make ends meet on one paycheck??


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Hi Marie. I'm Barbara. Welcome. Yes, this forum moves very very slowly!

Unfortunately, I don't own a farm, but I'm from upstate NY. Does that help?!

Anyway, welcome from sunny Tampa Florida.


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hello Barbara,

Thank you for the welcome. Florida sound nice and warm. I would like to move to a warmer state someday. I am kinda sick of cold new york. seems months are wasted indoors in the winter.

So where are all the gardening men in here???

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We're here. We just hang out and read the posts. Most are male bashers so we just sit back and stay out of it.

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We aren't ALL male bashers!
(just SOME males lol)


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Please don't catagorize all of us...

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ok, sorry. Not all are male bashers.

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Great topic Marie! I don't homestead but I'm thinking about it. One of my best girlfriends has 40 acres in NY. She has a very handy boyfriend! And tons of family not too far away who help out too. But she does a lot of the work herself, she just loves it. I'm wondering about the security issues. I'd love a cabin in the woods, but in a new territory I'm hesitant. My friend's boyfriend got her a shotgun for her birthday. My luck I'd shoot myself in the foot. I don't think guns offer that much safety anyway. I wonder about a dog, maybe a shepherd. My idol Anne LaBastille always writes about her german shepherds.

I have another friend who has a farmstead for her and her daughter. But again, she has family nearby, including her ex-husband who helps with the daughter. She does park maintenance for a living so if she can't do it, she has connections to someone who can. But really, my biggest worry is security. Ya know 99% of the time it would be fine, it's just that 1% that worries me. I've backpacked alone, and have never ran into trouble but gotten creeped out enough times to curtail my enthusiasm for it.

Alas, security concerns are probably why a lot of gals don't post that much here. At least that's the case for me. It's a shame you have to worry about such things, but you do if you're female, it's just a fact of life.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Hi Marie, and Welcome!

I too am single, and live in the country on 40 acres. The cropland is cash rented to a farmer, and there are no farm animals...just 4 big wonderful dogs.

I'm retired and on a fixed paycheck at the first of the month and a few other ships (dividends) that come in at different times of the year.

I pay bills first, save some, donate some, and have the rest for whatever I want/need. I have been frugal most of my life, so that helps. I am over buying/acquiring 'things', and my splurges are on truly useful items, and plants and flowers.

There is a wonderful Money Saving Tips Forum, and a Household Finances (link provided below) There is also a Homesteading forum

There's plenty for everyone here at GW.


Here is a link that might be useful: Household Finances

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