Welcome: Newbies and Lurkers Check In Here

chargreenApril 17, 2004

Welcome to all of the recent newbies to the Single Life. Please feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself and be warmly welcomed by all who post here.

Marilou, ivamae, joulesR4me, fishead, myhouseproject (Devin), quirk, welcome again and keep on joining in. If I missed anyone please post so you can be properly welcomed by the group.

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Hi all,
I'm in Ohio looking for apartments, jobs, etc. It's great being around old friends - sucks looking for a place to live, though. I found a pretty nice little house, but have to beat out the competition for it (lots of people looking at it).
Might start a daycare up here - all my friends seem to have had lots of babies, the whole town is full of little people - everywhere I look, babies!
Have a lovely weekend!!

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Thanks for the welcome. Good to be noticed.
Good luck in the househunting, Fishead. The worst part is he actual moving but then fun once you get there to arrange things so it will be "you"

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Well of course you are noticed ivamae....and welcome here as are all new posters
Good luck on the house fishead.....I have a bud that does daycare and she makes out pretty well with it...look into the certification and insurance that goes along with it though.

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Back to the top because this is where this thread belongs

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Just "checking - in". Thanks for the welcome - lots of interesting stuff in here. But geeze tinman - you do scare me. just kidding. I'll inquire about your rants later ...... when I have more guts!

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No reason to be scared of me joules.....I am just a puppy dog...I only nip, I don't bite...(unless it turns out that we are related by marriage anyway ;) )....I'll try not to be so scary from now on....inquire anytime, most of my rants are for two reasons...1. for me to vent what's going on in my life...and 2. for people to be entertained on a boring friday night, as this board gets dead and it's up to me to waste bandwith sometimes...I always accomplish at least one of them and I don't require a satellite dish.

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back to the top

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Hi everyone! I'm Marilou and have been single for eight years. (My husband died of a heart attack when I was 39.) I have two children, now grown and (mostly!) on their own.

I'm not dating anyone but would like to, if the right person comes along. So far in my singlehood, I've learned that all the Mr. Rights are taken and that a few Mr. Wrongs exist but aren't worth bothering with--they're single for a good reason! Then there's the occasional Mr. Maybes, who seem okay at first--until I figure out "Well, maybe they're not my type"--or turn out to be the Jekyll & Hyde type. Look out for those!

As I've wandered into middle age alone I've discovered a lot about myself and about the social/dating world. It's not like it used to be, is it?! As I mentioned in another post elsewhere, I've found that I'm too old for the pool of eligible bachelors and too young for the widow's support groups, don't fit in with my married friends very well, and haven't found a niche I fit into.

Until I came here. Boy, it sure is different to actually *find* other people in the same situation!! Thanks to everyone that posts, rants or not ;-) , because your posts help me see I'm not the only single middle-aged person there is, or the only one dealing with these issues. :o)


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Hi Marilou....yep there are more of us out there that don't know about this place that are looking for the same type of place....spread the word...I do....I've gotten a few readers but none have signed up yet....maybe me buying a membership for them will be a good early birthday present...hmmmmm
Glad to see you here and that my rants don't scare ya...heh

Feel free to start another thread....the dining alone thread is a good topic...way to go!

Back to the top....anyone else out there lurking?

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Welcome to any new lurkers or newbies.

Check in please.

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Back to the top

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I think I'm one of those "limbo" people... I'm not married but living with my boyfriend who, now I find out has no intention of marrying me. I naively assumed we'd get married after a bit... I was married for 27 years and although we didn't get along, there was something comforting about having a husband. I'm around 50 and feel so stupid introducing people to my "boyfriend". I wish I had the strength to move out. Wish I would have listened to Dr Laura "before" I moved in with my significant other. What forum works for people like me?

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Welcome TeriSS...feel free to say whatever you desire here.. I think you will fit in just fine....You're not married so you are thus single so you fit the criteria....you never know, you might get some ideas on here if you are looking for the strength to move out..Ask questions about how others would/or have handled it.

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greetings from the pacific northwest....just found this forum....i frequent the northwest forums and landscape forums as well others...nice to see this forum and that there are other singles out there! after 2 marriages i find myself single again at 51! ugh....no kids, just me and my dog, gardening and enjoying everything that i do and what comes to me....looking forward to meeting new friends, near and afar....we're all happening at the same time...it's all good, eh?

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hello... I stop in every once in a while, and post on occasion. Mid-30s and always been single (never married, never lived with. Have had a couple long-term dating relationships). Not adamant on staying that way nor desperate to change it. Most recent SO just packed up and moved to europe, though, so it doesn't look like changing my single status is going to happen in the immediate future...

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Checking in again after an absence. We'll see how it goes!


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Welcome back Browntoes....it'll go just fine

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Ya think?

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Yep, I know!

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