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gneegirlApril 23, 2009

I know there has been info posted here before, but thought I'd try to get some fresh info. Any decent and safe vacation sites or experiences out there. It's that time of year, and I'd like to try to do something different this year - like have some fun for the Spring/Summer. I've looked at some sites, but with all that is going these days, it might be better to have strong referrals. I'm not very active, so I don't need hiking type trips. I love off-the-beaten-path sightseeing, and besides the Bahammas and Mexico, love the water, sand and sun. Since I'm on the East Coast, some places in the US on the Atlantic coast would be good. I absolutely LOVE the left coast too. So, if anyone has some helpful info, I'm open to your ideas.



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Gneegirl, have you ever been on a cruise? It can be a great vacation for a solo single or a couple of singles. You can go out of Baltimore which makes it very convenient. There are now several lines going to Bermuda, Bahamas and Caribbean. I have been on Granduer of the Sea which is Royal Caribbean but there are also Norwegian and soon Celebrity. The down side of going alone is the price since the cabin prices are based per person double occupancy. However, there still can be some good deals since all the food is included and really you don't have to spend anything extra if you don't want to. I have not cruised alone but I think I would be more comfortable doing that than staying in a hotel somewhere. Of course I love being near water so I enjoy just sitting on the deck and enjoy people watching. Have a good day. Satine

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I went on a cruise to the Bahamas - a long time ago. We got to the Island on the day after some major holiday and everyone was still asleep - in in the middle of the day. We hired a taxie driver that showed us all over the entire island. He asked us where we were from and when we told him the US, of curse the next question was "where?". Turns out he had been to the US - in MD. Well, that went further when we asked him, where. We fell out laughing when he said Hagerstown. As I said, this was a long time ago. You know that Hagerstown is barely on the map so, I immediately teased that it must have been to see a woman because no one would come to the US to tour Hagerstown!! He looked at me so hard. Turns out, he was married but had a girlfriend in Hagerstown. Although we had so much fun, that was the highlight of my trip - couldn't get over Hagerstown!! Our ship was one of the ships that rescued another ship that had caught fire the week before. Then our ship broke down in the middle of the ocean. I had a lot of fun on the ship too. I tell you, as we were heading home, and I could see the FL coast in the fog at 6:00am, I just started crying so hard. I wasn't the only one - none of us wanted to head to shore. It was a wonderful trip. Now that the Balto has opened up for cruise ships, that might be the way to go - look out Pirates; I'm on a mission, so you better stay away!

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Mary, you know I live right near the ocean/sand (7 blocks from my house) - you are welcome to come visit me.

We can hang out on the beach, rent a cute little golf cart and site see or just lay on loungers in my back yard. We have lots of things to do, places to visit and we can even go wildflowering!

Just email me and we can see if we can put something together, if you are interested.

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I'll email you, but I'm getting a tickle thinking about me going wildflowering, especially if we are riding in a cute little golf cart!

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You said, you don't need hiking trails, does that mean you don't want hiking trails. I did a Pacific Northwest bus tour and we drove through the redwood national forest park in northern California, not sure of the name. But I saw a trail going up through those beautiful trees and I wanted to take off on that trail so bad, but alas my bus would not have waited for me. Oh to be young and have plenty of money...the two don't go together for most people.

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Mary, if you came for a visit, it would be a REAL vacation - no deadlines, no place to be and good food and clean fun.

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Hi All!

Sorry I'm just checking in. It's been so HOT here - 90s, and humid on Sat., and I guess I'm not used to it. Well, I'm used to it, but it is too darned early to put on AC. Ceiling fans - they don't do much in this heat. But, it's only in the 80s today, and now I can think - except that the AC wasn't working in my office, of all places. But, here I am, back in my routine.

Stargazzer, now you know why I don't do the trail trips (speaking of trips, I probably would!) Funny though, I do love walking in nature. I just have to go at my own pace. Something to think about.

Jo - now that does sound like a vacation! I mentioned it to you-know-who, and he's game. I just have to figure out when I can take the trip. I'll be in touch.

Thanks Guys!

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Mary, I just had YOU in mind to visit - I don't have the patience for more than one at a time, otherwise, my sons and their wives would be here. I'm old and set in my ways. If you SO wants to come, we can get you a condo for a reasonable price. Just let me know.

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No worries Jo, it will be just me. He's just my free ticket to get there. I'll be in touch. I'm not sure yet of any details because I'll be off a few days in June for my surgery, and don't have any VAC built up, to speak of.

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Mary, there are not 'free' tickets, my dear - you pay in the end! LOL Hey, come here to recup from your surgery! I'll take good care of you.

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