Does anyone know what this metal piece is?

ajs_nycSeptember 30, 2011

I'm looking to make a pot rack similar to the one in the picture below, and I'm hoping someone could tell me what the metal piece circled in white is and what it is normally used for so I can find it at a store. I tried the always helpful folks at HD/Lowe's but no one recognized it. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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They look like a custom made mounting brackets. Pretty much anyone that can cut, drill, weld and paint steel, or aluminum, can make them for you.

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"They look like a custom made mounting brackets. "

Likely "custom" only to the extant they came with the bar.

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I made several similar hangers for a friends garage---flat iron stock cut and welded to make the mounts, holes drilled for the 3/4" rebar cross piece, and 1/4"(or 3/16") cold rolled round stock bent as hooks.

Then painted.

Take that picture to any welding shop and they can make theose up is a half hour or less.

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You might try the black iron gate hardware. It looks like maybe a latch that has been repurposed to hold the rebar.

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