plumbing vent seal repair?

daninthedirtSeptember 5, 2011

One of my rooftop plumbing vents had the lead water-seal sleeve nibbled by rodents. So the lead isn't folded over the top of the vent pipe anymore, leaving a small gap between the lead sleeve and the PVC pipe.

I could take some time and replace the whole dang lead seal, pulling up a bunch of roofing tiles, or I could just fold some sheet metal over the gap to keep the rain out of my attic. Lead, copper, aluminum foil, whatever. Just form a foil cap, big puncture in the top of the cap to allow ventilation, and fold the foil inwards.

Why shouldn't I do that? In fact, if I don't use lead foil, the critters probably won't nibble it any more.

I could probably just squirt the gap full of RTV sealant, but that would probably just make it hard to do a full replacement of the sleeve someday.

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Use some lead sheet.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Install a Vandal Proof Stack Cap and be done forever. Roofer's World has them.

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"Vandal Proof Stack Cap" Complete overkill.

There is no reason or requirement to prevent water form entering the stack, and this device does nothing to seal the stack to the roof.

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Have the same issue; roofer suggested that wire mesh be attached to the top of stack. I am having the roof replaced because of hail damage so new sleeves will be installed with the wire mesh.

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"new sleeves will be installed with the wire mesh."

Good luck with that.

I have seen squirrels chew through galvanized steel.

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Putting a wire mesh cap over the top is a great idea. I may try that. Inexpensive, simple, resilient, and even easily removable.

Yes, squirrels can chew through galvanized steel, but they usually don't have any teeth left after they do. I have a lot of equally chewable cyclone fencing around the property, so I'm not sure why a vent would be more tasty to them.

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