Compose the personal ad you would like to respond to.

browntoestooMarch 1, 2003

Since Daisy's previous post discussed ads that we would not esrpond to I thought it would be fun to write the ad that would catch your own eye. I have to think about this so I won't go first. It might be useful to cut and paste from existing personals on the internet to make the perfect ad.


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(appropriate age here), tall, non-smoker, social drinker, likes to dance, good sense of humor, financially stable SINGLE male looking for happy woman to spend time with. Let's talk and see what happens.

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I've spent hours mulling this one over, and only ended up with something about 4 pages long! So I'll use jessiecarole's ad as a starting point. I'd omit the 'non-smoker' part, and maybe put in 'all parts in good working order' (given the age group I'm in!!), and somewhere there'd be a reference to 'house-trained' and 'good sense of humour' and 'with good values' or 'knows how to treat a lady', maybe 'VTPR if suited'. Gee, already it's getting longish! Still thinking it out.

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Having been in that area before (online dating), I can say what attracts me to the guys:

outdoorsy, energetic, great sense of humor, loves variety and likes to travel, likes kids (... if he has a few, even better...)...

I guess there are a million things but there are some things that you can't be too picky about, I guess. I prefer tall guys but my history shows me with some really short men. I can 'seek' the tall ones but it seems the short ones end up my way.


kind of the same with smoking... I severely dislike smoking cigarettes but I do like a good cigar on occasion (like Clinton... I do not inhale...)

- darkeyedgirl

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I am not interested in "knows how to treat a lady" because I almost knocked my last date over with the car door as he was running around to let me out. I like non gender specific politeness. I really hate when a man puts his hand in the small of my back and maneuvers me to a seat in a restaurant because "ladies first". I dont mind going first if there is no host/hostess but I dont like being used as a shield.
I said tall because tall men make me feel smaller and thats a good thing right now. My self esteem could use a boost. For dancing (and other activities) having someone your own size is a plus.

the sad truth is that the older you are, the more life experience you have, the more particular you become just at the point where your power to attract begins to wane. (laughing) I am talking about myself here.

and I am not interested in men younger than myself (or much older for the equipment failure problems Daisy mentioned and, sadly, the worry about other health problems).

so the field is pretty narrow for me.

BUT (lest this be TOO depressing), I like my life which is why I will be careful about who I invite to share it.


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OK. This took a while. I wouldn't respond to a personal ad but if friends wanted to indroduce me to a fixer upper, he would have to be considerate of others in all things. I could stop right there if necessary.

But if I may choose further, he would be between 55 and 70 and have no facial hair (head hair optional), be a non-smoker, a non or social drinker, and a heavy reader. He should speak grammatical English, like the musical arts as well as rock and roll, like good food and dining out, like to travel, be financially comfortable, be computer literate, be tolerant of all religious beliefs, and be content in himself.

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Carrie B

(Hi jessiecarole!)

It's interesting thinking about what I'd want in a personal ad/prospective partner and what I actually currently have in my SO.

I'd want an introspective single person of a certain age who likes cats and has compassion and a social conscience.

I don't care about the door opening thing in and of itself. However, the intentions behind the door opening do matter. As it turns out, my SO is a door opener.

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Mine would be someone between 58 and 65, physically fit, no facial hair, non-smoker, non-drinker, no bad habits. Likes animals and country life, gardening, and enjoys nature, and is kind. Seeking someone in the same age group. So many of the adds that I see for men my age, they want a woman not older than 35 or 40. Does that leave me with the 90 year olds?

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