How much does it cost to Powerwash a House?

huisman98September 30, 2006

Anybody here ever hire a company to come and powerwash ther exterior of their house? I realize it will vary by size, but I am trying to get a ball park idea of how much it could potentially cost.


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If you have an old brick house with old mortar, or a wood sided house with old boards, please think twice about power washing. You could do a lot more damage than it's worth. Let us know what exterior your house has.

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Asking how much it will cost to powerwash your house is like asking how much you will spend on your next automobile or christmas shopping, there are far too many variables to even venture a guess.

In order to get realistic numbers you would need to get competive bids from local contractors in your area who routinely perform this service, but, as was mentioned before, make sure the contractors you contact have a good track record and will honestly inform you whether or not this would be a good idea for your house. You can always find people who bought a powerwasher for their own use and want to hire out for side money, but are they qualified to examine your house and determine if powerwashing will cause structural damage?

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