Red Letter Days in ones life

TinmantuMarch 13, 2004

Visited with a friend today and we were talking about red letter days in OUR lives....Days that happened to you, that you personally will never were the ones that instantly popped into my head, some good and some not so good, but all have had an effect on the person that I am.

#1...The death of my father when I was the age of 5...John F Kennedy was assasinated 1 day later and all I saw was little John on TV being brave, so I was brave also even though I didn't understand death at the time.

#2...The birth of my daughter and my only child...I was in the birthing room and she was over a month premature and for a while didn't know if she was going to make it, shortly afterwards her mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer making her an only child...thank god they are both alive and healthy.

#3...The day that my step-father left our lives forever. I tolerated (because of fear) my mom hiding the black eyes while I was a pre-teen but I am proud that I drove him out by the time I was 16...told him he had to go to sleep sometime and I would **** him up when he did

#4...on a lighter note...My Denver Broncos finally winning a superbowl after so many years of futility...being a fan since 1974, it was a red letter day when they beat the Packers.

What are your personal red letter days?

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1. My decision to go to college and my committment to do it. I was 25, tired of working in restaurants. During this time I was in my first marriage.

2. My first divorce. I finally stood up for myself, and got out, of an abusive relationship. Poor, worked three jobs, and still continued going to school.

3. Second marriage, divorce, my dad died, and I was laid off my job, all in three months,except the marriage. I was really suprised at my second divorce. We had dated five years, it only lasted as a marriage for 1 1/2 years.

The death of my father really got me. We were not close. I grew up military. And he was always gone. When he was home, it was always so awkward. As a family unit, we had learned to live without him. That was a big sadness to him and the family. My parents divorced when I was 17, and he had retired. It was something that could never be recaptured. I never cried so hard in my life, except at his service. I have a military flag given to me, folded, in its triangle. Its been 15 years. I would like to donate it and see it flown. Whew. the memories.

Job layoff. Months of agony and torture, knowing it was going to happen. My frugal lifestyle paid off. I was well prepared. I also received a separation package. I took a three day vacation and then I had one class left to finish my degree. It was summer, and I did.

4. After six months of unemployment, while I finished my degree, I find the most perfect job. And ten years later, I am still there.

5. I bought a house, eight years ago. My biggest dream of all.

6. Helping my mother. She does not drive here in the big city, only within 3 miles of her house. So, I bring her to dr appts, give advice (a role reversal), and generally looking over that no one takes advantage.

7. My vulnerability. As when my home was broke into. It has let me know my strengths, weakness, and what is important to me.

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Good for you, for going back to school very important and I kick myself for not finding a way to make it happen for me. All my education is from the school of hard knocks...sometimes I rue the day but others I feel that I wouldn't have it any other way.

I can relate to the mom thing....mine depends on me a lot for appts. Advice is out of the question is a stubborn German like I am.
A break-in is the biggest wakeup call that anyone can have and you don't believe it until it happpens to you....all you can do is better prepare for next time that it may happen and don't let the fools force you to live in fear.

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We have some similarities, Walks. My dad was a traveling salesman for a big chemical company. He was home for a few days every couple of monthes. Life was very different when he was home. Not bad. Just different. Like having company. I admire what you have accomplished in your life.

If we are talking about the events that shaped us, these come first to mind:

~laughing~ woohoo! okay. I had a list but the longer it got, the worse I felt.

1. being "this" age and being able to support myself and live as I choose.

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I agree, JC, being this age. I am so comfortable in my own skin. I do what pleases me. Career wise (its just a job now to me) a mean to the end. I will not be the CEO.

Losing a parent, it is so traumatic and unexpected. I did not experience step-parents.

As far as the break-in. Iam sorry, I do talk alot about it. I really became so complacent. It has increased my awareness. I have left my back door unlocked many times. Sigh.

I would work in the yard and leave my back door open and the storm door propped open to my enclosed screened in back porch. I would come in and leave it and to shower! Duh. How delusionally safe I felt. I am just more careful and cautious.

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Walks keep talking about the break-in it will help you to get over it and move on when you are ready. A few years ago after my first divorce I rented a nice house in a nice neighborhood and someone climbed the padlocked wood privacy fence and pulled the bathroom window out of it's frame to break into my securely locked house while I was at work. I still have fingerprint dust on a few pictures it reminds me to be cautious but I won't live in fear.
My most recent red letter day was last fall two weeks after my Mother's funeral I was in the Attorney General's Child Support Court because they were taking my ex to task for not paying with any regularity. He had already had the support changed to the minimum of $50.00 per week right after the divorce claiming poverty. He had the nerve to ask them if he could have it lowered even more! It was at that moment that the world stopped for me. I will never understand anyone thinking so little of their child. It does make me appreciate myself and like JC and Walks being able to support myself (and my boys).

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