roofing question regarding 'ice guard'

rredoggSeptember 6, 2006

Plan on having the house reroofed and after the old roof is removed I would like to have a membraine installed that is called "ice guard." My question is to install this product properly do they have to drop the gutters on the roof for a proper installation.

Thanks in advance, rredogg

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NO! Ice guard stops at the roof edge. Some unprofessional roofers will lap it over, but that is not acceptable according to manufacturers specifications. There's always some guy out there trying to make something do what it's not designed to do, thereby making it worse.

Ice guard is installed to the edge of the roof sheathing, then the drip edge is installed over it. No need to drop gutters.


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Ice/water shield was developed by Grace chemical, construction products division. If you visit their website, you will see that thier detail drawings show the underlayment turning down on the fascia and extending behind the top edge of the gutter. The additional step is to cut a strip and seal the upper edge of the drip edge with underlayment as well.

Roofers or re-roofs that do not want to remove the gutters will eliminate this step, but it leaves an open path for water to get up under the leading edge of the drip edge and into the soffit area.

It is far from "unprofessional" to turn down the underlayment behind the gutters.

installing the drip edge and running the underlayment to the roof edge is the wrong way.

I attached a link to the site but you may have to login to see the details. FWIW: login is free and I haven't noticed any spam associated witht he site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grace - roofing underlayments, detail drawings

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installing the drip edge and running the underlayment to the roof edge is the wrong way.

Yes. Exactly what I said. I agree.

I stand corrected about the overlap. I apologize to all roofers who apply it that way. I guess there may be 1% of homes that would require that kind of super protection.

My house has none because my attic is properly vented and has no ice and water backup.


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Cut the guard in 10 foot sections. Measure up 2 inches on each side and chalk a line. Unscrew the gutter just 10 ft.
Line your chalk line up with the end of your sheathing remove the bottom of the backing and carefully tuck the ice guard behind the gutter. Remove the upper backing and screw the gutter back in except for the last screw and repeat. Remember to overlap 6 inches on the seams.
Trust me and think about it for a minute. Cutting the ice guard at the end of the sheathing is just pure stupidity.
My poor parents just had me reroof their house cause some hack decided to install ice guard incorrectly only 8 yrs ago. If the ice builds up in your gutter it will lift your drip edge right up. That other post thinks 99% of people get hacks to do their work. Thats what you get with the lowest bid!

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Which is better?
Corning Ice guard or Grace Ice and water Shield?
I have a roofer who suggests putting the Grace ice guard on the entire roof.
Any suggestions?

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If you are in a wet, icing, freezing climate zone, listen to your roofer and go with Grace. More pricier doing the whole roof, but in a severe climate zone, money well spent. Ice damming is mostly restricted to the leading edge of the roof as well as along valley's and roof to wall connects. The grace underlayment over the rest of the span is a far superior underlayment kinda like having a roof under the roofing materials on top.

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Grace shows several options for installation of Ice & water Shield, not just the one mention above. I believe it is best to always lap IWS (and any other type of underlayment) over the drip edge at the eave whether it is also installed under the drip edge or not (see stripped in option). The drip edge would still be installed over the underlayment at the rake.

Ice & Water Shield is still the best self-adhering underlayment but using a knock-off version from a roofing manufacturer might increase the manufacturer's warranty. I would still use IWS.

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if icequard should be installed behind the gutter or just above the gutter.

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