Anti-slip stair treads

jerry_njSeptember 16, 2009

We have a two story house with bare hardwood stair treads. Over the years we have seen two slips and falls on these stairs, no serious injury. Both times the person was walking without holding the handrail and was wearing socks, not shoes. I think bare feet have better traction than most socks.

I am thinking about putting carpet stair treads on each tread. I believe these can be held in place with double sided tape.

I also see on the web that at Lowes, HD. and Walmart these treads run about $15 each. I am a bit surprised they cost that much and wonder if I am even looking at the right item.

Suggesting please.

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Carpet treads w/ double sided tape doesn't sound too safe, imho. You are relying on the tape that eventually could fail as it ages and could make for a bad fall. You might consider going to or getting a consult from a floor outfit about installing a runner. It is something best done by pros not only for cosmetic reasons, but it needs to be done right in order to be safe.

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I've priced them, too, and I'm shocked at how expensive they are, and they tend to have a country look. I think you would be better off having a local carpet company come in and carpet the stairway.

A cheap way to do it that I am considering: Walmart has small, rubber-backed kitchen carpets on sale for $4 in the housewares area. I'm thinking of buying 16 and cutting them with a carpet knife and then placing the cut edge so that it butts to the riser.

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I put some indoor/outdoor carpet strips on the four steps up to our outside deck a year ago. There I took a small carpet strip (I don't know what there are intended for) I purchased from Home Depot, cut them in half and got from that two pieces nice for a stair tread, the cut edge was put against the riser and the other side was finished and has rounded corners. As this is "just" the deck, I used a staple gun to attach them. In this case the treads were installed to help an older dog we have who suffered a stroke and has limited strength in his rear legs, and needs the traction to make the climb. This was not expensive, then too there are only 4 steps.

I slipped on the same steps that are the subject of this post a number of years ago. I was heading down stairs in stocking feet. I have since never gone down the stairs unless I am wearing shoes or slippers with traction. It was a slip by my wife that prompted my post. She was wearing socks, not shoes.

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