How do you repair a broken slat on blinds?

peggysueinarkansasSeptember 16, 2005

I have a new venetian blind that has a broken slat at the top. The blinds are the 2" white plastic type. Anyone know how to fix this baby? The blind is too tall for the window so there is an excess of slats at the bottom. Could I move one of the bottom slats to the top?

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Yes you can. It's just slightly tedious. If you have the type of mechanism I'm thinking of, you go to the bottom slat where you'll find the ends of the cords held in place by little knots. Get a tweezers and pull these knots out of the little holes and undo the knots. Then pull the cords up through the holes in the slats until you get to the broken one. Remove it; replace with a good slat; rethread the cords through the holes; tie the knots again at the bottom.

Does that make sense?

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Thank you for your response Kudzu9. I fixed it. My blinds were made a little different. I was able to slide one of the lower slats out sideways and reinsert it through the retaining strings in place of the broken one. It was a easy operation.

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Congratulations...glad it was an easy fix.

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