Wayne Dalton 41A4252-7 Garage Opener-wall unit ok, not w/Remotes

legionnaireSeptember 7, 2008

I had a question on my Wayne Dalton Opener. We moved in a month ago.

The unit says manufactured in 1993. The only part number/model number i see on it is 41A4252-7. From some searching, it seems to be a standard chain drive unit. Probably a 1/2 hp unit. The wall panel is a simple one that looks like a common doorbell button. One push opens the door. Another push closes it.

The remote is a standard Sears 3 button remote with one large grey button and two small ones.

Till this morning, the remote would work. Since this evening neither remote works.

The wall panel light is flashing continuously. I checked the sensors. They are free of obstruction and seem to be aligned since the lights on both sensors are lit.

What else could be an issue?

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From an offline discussion with Don:

On the rear of the motor unit and just to the left of all those white wires you should find a button. It is called the smart/learn button. Press and hold this in for 6 seconds. This will erase the memory of the logic board.

Now press and hold the large button on a remote while you press and immediately release the smart/learn button. Do this with both remotes.

Should take care of your problem and the wall control should no longer be flashing.

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