Made my Dog some Pajamas

tealcatfanApril 5, 2006

I looked and looked and could not find any so measured him and made my own.

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Too cute!

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love it, but pooch looks like this is not what I expected! a bone and old blanket would do fine. lol rene

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Cute,puppy doesn't look too happy though!! My GDIL uses the babies old onesies for her dog.She puts them on her because the dog has a skin allergy problem and will scratch herself til she bleeds.She's always taking her to the vet for this problem,nothing seems to work long term though.

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I love it! I do think I see his teeth! I told hubby that our old girl Luci would love some of these, and he said, "No, she wouldn't", which means he'd be embarassed when she went out in public, (ie to potty) in them. LOL.

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I am working on a bathrobe for him now. Go ahead and laugh it is alright.
We do not know his breed we only know we rescued him from the Shelter as he was a severely abused dog so much so I had to take him to court 3 times in one week while his abuser had his trial.
He had us the minute we opened the door. His back was all scared and my husband kept looking at him and I said you really like him don't you and John said Donna if we don't take him who will he is scared up? So we took him home.
He has been a wonderful companion and sleeps on our bed at night we spoil him. I want him to have a happy life with us. He even has nightmares where we have to wake him up.
O.K. I have talked long enough.

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Donna, that is such a touching story. We have a shelter dog also that we call our death row dog. Sometimes I wonder what she thinks. Ours (all cats and dogs) pile in the bed with us too. This past yr at christmas I posted a pic of mine with Santa. Hubby thinks I'm nuts, but we don't have kids, so they are my kids.

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Donna, the clothes are precious, I forgot to send this site to you, if you scroll down to the bottom there are patterns for dogs, you'll see one but click on wording to see more.

Here is a link that might be useful: threads and patterns/doggie

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How cute! Your doggy and his PJ's :) Good for you! I also adopt dogs that no one else wants and spoil them too. I'm sure that SOB abuser didn't get nearly what he deserves and I don't understand why and how people can do that, but luckily people like you make up for it. Can't wait to see the robe!

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There is a special place in heaven for folks like you. I don't wnat to talk about the place reserved for that other guy!!

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Thank You so much for all the wonderful comments.

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For those of you who like to dress your furbabies there is an easy way to make them the cutest sweatshirts using the sleeve from your old sweatshirts. If you have a small dog you might want to use a small ladies, for big dogs use a men's. I cut the sleeve off at the shoulder. The cuff is the dogs turtleneck. You can cut the cuff off if it's to tight (once it's washed it curls/rolls back anyway.) You need to cut holes for the dogs front legs. I usually put the sweatshirt on the dog & mark the spots. Then I measure to see how long to make the length. After they are washed the holes roll so you don't need to do any sewing. If you are using a man's sweatshirt for a big down you might need to make a tuck so it isn't dragging on the floor/ground. I've made a few of these & they are so cute & soft. If you want to get fancy you could always applique something on the back (like a dog bone & put their name on the bone.) You could put rhinestones. I always left mine plain. I've made some pink ones that came out so cute. My sister has a little poodle & wears them all the time when it's cold out. People usually chuckle when they see them. Hope I explained this ok.
Linda K

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