Looking for Patterns for Lymphedema patients

yoyobon_gwApril 29, 2013

I'm looking for sewing patterns designed for women who have lymphedema.

If anyone has such a pattern I would really appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks .

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I don't have a specific pattern in mind-sorry. But I would think you could choose a suitable pattern and alter it to suit the needs of the person who will wear the garment.

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Don't know your needs but some of the major company patterns I have seen go from xlg to 6x. You could use the larger sizes on the areas you need to, or have a wide range in one pattern. Hope this helps. Pattern companies just do not specialize. I have altered many patterns for my handicapped daughter who is one size on top and below the waist another size and needs room for diaper in an size that you would not find that. It is easier than you think to alter patterns. Just jump in.

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What kind of pattern? If you are talking about compression garments, they should be prescribed by a professional. Every individual's compression needs are different. At least that is the way I understand it. My husband has lymphedema in one of his arms and he has to be remeasured every year to check his compression needs before he reorders his garments. Then a physician has to prescribe them, before insurance will pay.

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