Hosting a bridal scrapbooking shower

esradeJune 16, 2004

I hope someone can help with ideas. The other bridesmaids and I are hosting a scrapbooking bridal shower. We're buying the album but I'm having some trouble visualizing how this is all going to work. Here are some niggly problems I'm having:

- What to do with the bride during the scrapbooking portion of the shower. We could have her make a page but to what? Maybe just her and her future husband?

- Visually, the book will look better if everyone does a left side and a right side, rather than the front and back of one page. Do you think it would work if we had everyone to one side and then switch off to the person next to them?

Any other ideas on what to do? We're planning on putting the book together while the bride opens presents and then present the book to her as the final gift.



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This sounds interesting. Are you having everyone bring a picture or pictures of the bride or the groom to share? Can the two moms do pages of the B&G as babies and maybe the bride prepare the wedding page leaving an open space for their wedding pic?

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I think that to handle your question about having a left/right side per person, you could use the plastic sleeves, and just have each person do 2 physical pages and slip front/back into the sleeves...

This sounds like a great idea, so fun! I hope it works out well :)


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