any St Paddy's stories?

joulesR4meMarch 17, 2005

I didn't do much, since I had to run from work to class. I had considered stopping at a local pub for a pint and hoping to catch some bagpiping, but after seeing all the cars (running over into the median), I reconsidered. My path lead me to Roadhouse Grill - where I shared a burger & ice cream with a friend. No green beer - heck, no beer at all. This is a first for me.

I did wear a "I like Irish boys" T-shirt to work. As a guy passed me in the hall, he read my shirt out loud (very loud). Sounded like he was proclaming interest in Irish boys too. That brought a few laughs. We're dying for laughs somtimes!

Hope some of you celebrated in a more *traditional* manner.

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Not much here. Had the traditional corned beef/cabbage for lunch.

I did see a younger guy, shaved head, with green Avery stickers (circles) all over his head. At that point I thought I should return to the office.

CHP has extra units on duty at designated checkpoints.
Golly.........can't the Irish have any fun!


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I had to be into work early today. About 9:00 this evening I remembered it was St. Patrick's Day but I was still at work. I thought about stopping by the bar on the way home but was tired and skipped it.

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I bought a bottle of Bailey's, I thought that was appropriate.

BF is into the March Madness basketball so I stayed home.

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Hi Kim --- I dated a guy for a few years from KY. March Madness - yes, madness indeed. We always watched KY play and there were two rules: 1. you must wear KY gear - at least two pieces. 2. when they're playing - no one can move - you must remain sitting. Pottie, beer & food refills only during commercials. It was fun though, and I finally got to have fun watching a sport on TV since I watched enough to understand most of the game rules and have some familarity with a team/players. Cheers to you. Though Baileys & March Madness seem a bit mismatched????

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KY gear..... Baileys.......
sounds to risque for me , sorry Jules i just couldnt resist.

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Hey Zeke - risque? Oh, I won't turn it up a notch and bring out the tequila then .... both would land me square in front of the porcelain throne.

I'm suppose to be studying for mid-terms today. Gave up a ride on a Harley so that I'd put my nose in the books. So far, I've taken the books from the car to the top of my w/d. I cleaned the Beast (much too large SUV for a single gal) inside & out - including polishing the wheels and even a trip to the garage to add air, lots of wash, rearranged my *dog/hobby* room, watched two Lifetime movies and just cracked open a beer. Uhhhhh what am I missing????

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why the chips or popcorn of course :-) .

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I hate sports. I dated this same guy before and sports pretty much did me in.

Now if he wants to watch sports that is fine but I'll do something else.

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I know it's a bit after St. Patrick's Day, but I thought I'd share anyway. About a year after my divorce from my first husband I joined a 30s + singles club in my area (on March 16th, 1992). A very attractive gentleman came in late (and I had to leave early) so I didn't get to meet him. The group made plans to meet at Pee Wee Muldoon's the following evening for a night of dancing and mingling. So on St. Patrick's Day I met my DH. Danced all night. 3 years later we married - on St. Patrick's Day, 1995. He is absolutely the love of my life.

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What a charming story Donna! Many years ago I attended an Irish wedding on St. Patrick's Day in Minneapolis. It was a hoot. An astonishing number of the male attendees wore green suits, the dinner rolls were green, and of course, so was the icing on the wedding cake. All in good fun. It was nice to go to a wedding where people didn't take themselves too seriously. ;)

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