Hey, Tinmantu

kayjonesMarch 31, 2009

Michael, did you get married? What happened to you - you just went away - hope we didn't make you mad!

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Thanks Jo - add my name to the cheering section. Here's hoping Michael hears the cheers and shouts back. Wishing him well, either way.


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Mary, he is such a great guy - Diane is a lucky lady IMHO! I hope he comes on and gives us an update and pictures - I'd like to see Ava's pictures - I know she's gotten to be a big Papa's girl by now!!!

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Oooh, ya know, I forgot about Ava. She is such a cutie. I'm sure she has really grown up now. Pics would be great. I remember the tricycle pic - sooo sweet. Funny, everytime I think about getting a camera, I think about all the tips and pics Michael posted. I still don't have the camera, but I have to tell you, the camera he purchased is a hit in so many places. I'm still thinking about it. I wonder if Michael will post some winter scenes too.

Michael reminds me of an old friend - the one I traveled with all the time - a good guy with lots of personality and smarts that loved to have fun just living life. You know I've never met Michael, but he really comes across as someone that would add that spark to life just by being there. He seems to have a lot of wisdom and common sense - what you need to get along in this life.

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Howdy all! Just happened to look in and see that I'm still a topic, between a couple of people anyway. Not married yet, but have a date set for in July. I tore up my shoulder pretty bad and have worked maybe 40 hrs since last July. Jumping thru comp hoops and I see another doc on thursday to see where I'm at. I feel like I'm off to meet the seeress Cassandra and hope she is wrong. :) Getting too old to learn another trade at this point. heh Take care and I'll be looking in when I get the chance.

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What a nice birthday present for me!!!! I am happy that you are still kicking - don't forget to post wedding pictures, and pictures of Ava. Hugs, Jo

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Jo, you are too funny! I think you were heard loud and clear - well, at least I heard you - LOL!

Michael - so glad you checked in. Now ya gotta stay - even when you do tie the knot. You are a big part of this Forum. I'm not sure I remember about the shoulder, but sorry to hear about that. You've got a lot of company out there - me included, as well as a bunch of folks here. Hope you get better with that soon - here's to good news from the docs.

Take care...


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