Hey, everyone, did you miss me?

junkyardgirlMarch 16, 2008

Well, I'm back for now. I've been so busy trying to build that darned website that I haven't had time to do anything. It's been a pain! I have a lot done, but now I need a new homepage to put it all on.

On the job front, I'm having the surgery for my shoulder injury on the 20th...hopefully! It's scheduled, but between the doctor's staff screwups and the worker's comp hangups, it's been a nightmare. Here it is the 16th, and I'm not sure it's really happening yet. I'm tired of putting it off. I'm ready to be well!

On the physical front, the constant walking at my "light duty" job is tearing up my knees. I'm in so much pain sometimes I can't sleep, and can't go to work. I'm ready to give it up! I seriously don't know if I'm going back to that job or not. I've got 8 weeks after the surgery for rehab, so I'm going to talk to a lawyer and see what he thinks.

On the love front, no love matches, but I did go out again with the nice guy I went out with before. It's been a long time since that first date, because we had some miscommunications about what each of us is about, I guess you could say. Well, I didn't give up. I decided to keep him as a friend, and we went out the other night again. We had a lovely time, and I'm hoping to see him again, although I haven't heard from him since then. He did say he would come help me out after my surgery, so we'll see.

On the home front, I'm trying desperately to get this nasty place cleaned up and liveable before the surgery. I was going to have a friend move in with me, but that didn't work out, but it may still. Just don't really know where I'm at until the surgery and all.

On the financial front, I'm still broke and my a/c went out on my old, decrepit car, so I don't know what to do about that. It gets hot pretty quickly here in S. Florida, and the car isn't worth putting the money into to fix the a/c. I need another car, but I can't really afford the payments or insurance, so I'm sort of in a bad place. I've seriously thought of trying to work for myself, doing like "trash to treasure" stuff that I pick up off the side of the road and redo, and also selling plants out of my back yard. That, plus trying to sell a few things on the website might keep me going with a part time job somewhere within walking distance.

So major changes going on here. It will either get better or worse, who knows?

What's going on with you guys?

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Hey jyg, I sure hope you get your surgery done and everything heals quickly. It's no fun being in pain and limited for so long. Sorry, but if they were doing the surgery on the 20th, I would assume they would have told you by now.

Wishing that friend (the guy you went out with) of yours really turns out to be a great one and helps you out. Also, it would be nice if you could have someone move in and help pay towards your house expenses -- that would be a big help financially. But, you have to say out front what you expect because sometimes having 'friends' move in becomes more of a hassle.

Nothing much happening here with me. We are having spring-like weather, which is nice. I just wish I had more time to work in the garden.

You take care.

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Yes, we missed you! It sounds like you have a lot of irons in the fire - I hope each of them works out for you, in your best interest.

Not much is happening here - I retired a month ago, and so far, it's 'OK', but I am BORED beyond belief! Like Eloise, I sure wish I could work outdoors!

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I forgot to say, JYG: I will buy plants from you when I get moved to Florida!!! Send me a list of what you have, what size plant and how much. I will hang on to it and when I get my house/yard, I will get in touch with you. Where (in south Florida) do you live? I will be in the Panhandle - Panama City Beach.

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Thanks Eloise. The surgery is actually firmly scheduled, by the doctor's office, but they have to send paperwork to Workers Comp and they evidently, as of last Thursday, haven't done it. I'm going to call tomorrow, and if it isn't there, I'm going to call the Dr.'s office and tell them that I expect it Fed Ex'd overnight air, and if it isn't there by Wednesday, I will change doctors. It's unacceptable the way that doctor's staff is. I changed my phone number MONTHS ago, called them and gave them the new one, then checked to make sure it was changed when I went for my next visit, and then they said they didn't have my number, and so we missed a vital communication. I can't understand how they could be so slack, and his patients haven't dumped him yet. I'm sure some have. He's a great doctor, but his staff leaves much to be desired.

Kay, unfortunately, the plants I grow, at least most of them, won't grow in the panhandle. Mine are mostly tropicals and subtropicals, and you're going to be in a colder place. Yes, it gets VERY cold in the panhandle. No snow or anything, but temps below freezing, for sure. Sorry about that :(. But thanks for the offer!

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So, you will only sell to those in your zone or higher? Hmmmmmm!

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Hi there, JYG!! Boy oh boy, you do have a lot going on!! I'm sending up prayers that your surgery is successful and that recovery is speedy. Glad to hear your friend (male) has volunteered to help out afterwards. That's a pretty supportive friend - who knows...

RE work - well, take that with a grain of salt. If you can get through the legal stuff, great. If not, it might be time to find something else to do - that you can enjoy. Enjoyment takes stress out of any job. Besides, your shoulder recovery will go much smoother if you can be a relaxed. I wish you much success with that. Sounds like you have some great talent that people would be willing to pay for!!

Keep in touch with us as much as you can. Let us know how your are doing.

hugs to ya, kid!!

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jyg, so either you are in surgery today or not. Just wishing you great success and quick healing. Keep us informed so we can give you encouragement during the rough times. I know when things have been tough on me, this group has been a tremendous help.

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Eloise, you are guilty of helping us, too! It's just what friends do for each other.

JYG, IF your surgery is today, I hope all goes well. Please keep us informed - it you can't do it, let 'him' do it for you!

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