computer program for making doll clothes patterns

LiddybuffApril 12, 2014

Have any of you seen or heard of the computer program called
Dollwear Designer Pro 2.0 ? It was created by a woman named Margaret Wolfe-Wilson. I found a site about it but it doesn't tell a price or how to order it. It sounds amazing but is probably very pricey since it is considered CAD art. I would love to own it since I love creating on the computer as well as on the sewing machine,

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Never heard of it,then again I don't do much doll clothes sewing these days,arthritic fingers.If you get it,let us know what you think.

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Well folks, I finally found a site that told me how much the program cost.............well let's just put it this way..........I WON"T be getting that one hahaha ($1,200) yipes! I had no idea it would be that much. I think this program is designed for people who are in business. Too pricey for my budget. After checking into some more sites I did find that there are other programs that are nowhere near that expensive, although still between $200-$300. The concept is still exciting to me. I'm wondering if I could do something similar using something like Paint-Shop Pro?

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I have to clarify something. The FashionCAD Program not only lets you design patterns for dolls, it lets you do people as well. It is certainly more advanced than the Dollwear Program I first mentioned. I never got a price on the dollwear program.

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