Bedtime memories

DaisyduckworthMarch 5, 2004

In the Good Old Days, when I shared my bed with my partner (or he shared his bed with me!), we decided early on that there was His Side and My Side of the bed, on a 50/50 basis. Which was all very well in theory. In practice, I got a tiny sliver right at one edge, with barely enough room to lie on my side, clinging for dear life to the edge of the mattress. While His Lordship took up the other 9/10ths of the space, spread-eagled luxuriously. From time to time I'd have an arm crashing into my face, or a knee in the kidneys, but I learned to hang on just the same, as precarious a hold as it was.

Occasionally, the system failed. If he decided to roll onto his side, he'd snuggle up to me, which was very nice, except that the slightest pressure from his body weight would send me, literally, over the edge, and onto the floor. Most times I could just pick myself up and push and shove him towards the centre of the bed, growling 'Move over, you big oaf!' and he'd sleepily comply. Other times, I'd have to walk around to His Side and lie down there. It was seldom a successful manoevre, however. When his flailing arm crashed onto my face, the fact that it was 'the wrong arm' would be enough to rouse him, and he'd demand that I 'get over to your own side, woman!'. And the whole cycle would start again.

Now that he's gone, I have the whole bed to myself. Yet I still cling to My Side, and I've noticed that His Side is getting more and more vast as my loneliness increases.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'd give a lot to be pushed out of bed again!

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Oh Daisy, I love your posts!! My dear, you're more than welcome to come spend a few nights at our house. I have a "snuggler" and spent too many years alone so I'm having some adjustment problems. We've already graduated from a queen size bed to a king and it has helped a great deal, but he still manages to find his way over to my side occasionally. Keep in mind, I have nothing against snuggling, but there's a time to snuggle and a time to sleep and they shouldn't run concurrently (at least in my opinion)!! And, it doesn't help matters any that he's cold blooded and I'm kicking the covers off most nights. I've threatened to run barbed wire down the center of the bed, but he informed me that he has wire cutters, so I guess that would only slow him down a bit. Sorry for ranting, but your post gave me quite a chuckle!!

Janet (who hasn't post for a long time, but checks in every day!!)

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I can relate to the empty side of the bed, Daisy....It's been empty for a few years and I still don't tread on that side...funny how it can be engrained over the years.
Janet, you should appreciate the snuggling a little more and think about what it's like if no one were there....that and post more comments... you have good ones also

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It's funny I have been thinking along the lines of the empty side of the bed lately. Yesterday there was a report on tv about how one persons sleep habits cause their partner to loose sleep. I guess getting too much sleep gives you time to think ;0) I had a water bed and a snorer. The snoring really didn't bother me even though I really like it very quiet when I sleep. This morning I was thinking that I have finally gotten the bed to myself since younger son has finally gotten too big to sneak in with me in the middle of the night. A few minutes later my very large german shepherd who has never wanted on my small bed got up in the bed and promptly took up almost the whole bed! She isn't a snuggler and guess which end she pointed in my direction! I decided it was time to get up. Daisy thanks for the post I guess we all have the same thoughts sometimes.

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It never fails. It is always the tail end of the dog that they put in you face. I wonder why?

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LOL and a belated welcome to the board ivamae....with me it's the tail end of a cat that I didn't want in the first place....I am an animal lover but she is trying to sway me, I think

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