altering womens pants

laurenjayApril 15, 2014

I have several pairs of pants with a crease down the leg. I want to taper the legs. They are too wide. My question is, how do I deal with the crease? If I take in the same amount on each leg seam it's okay. The crease is still centered. The problem is what do I do when the amount isn't the same. Then the crease is not centered. Should I iron out the existing crease and make a new crease after I have taken in the leg? Some creases don't fully iron out so I would then have 2 creases.

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So why not take in the same amount on either side?

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This question answers itself...taper the same amt on each side of the leg. The pants wouldn't hang properly anyway, if the alteration was only on one side...the crease would then be off center.

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I alter clothes for a living.

Where I work all creased pants are taken in the same amount on the outseam and inseam. Uncreased pants (usually jeans that are topstitched and being tapered) are taken in on the outseam (non-topstitched) seam.

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You would probably never be able to press that seam out anyway...

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