Enclosed bypass sliding door

Yod12September 7, 2013

I have an enclosed sliding door that gets more jammed every time I or my son tries to work on it. The front roller seems to be on the track, but no matter how we try to get the back one on - if it's even there, it gets more and more stuck. How can I deal with this?

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The generic term used to identify your "enclosed sliding door" is pocket door, and when you use commonly understood terminology, you tend to receive more responses.

The door travels on a "U" which can be seen looking at the slot in the header.
Remove the stop on the solid side of the track, pull the door to the closed and you'll find that it is loose in the opening. push or pull it through to about a 20 degree angle and lift it off the track.
Should you have difficulty removing it, you may have to remove the top stop.

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snoonyb is right...usually the only way to deal with a problem pocket door is to remove the stops so you can remove the door and see what is going on. A few installers screw these stops on to make access easier later, but usually they are nailed in place. As for your problem, sometimes one or more screws that hold the top track come loose if the installation wasn't done properly. In that case, usually the only solution is to open the wall near the top so you can fix or replace the track.

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