Good Housekeeper sewing machine

sue7972April 20, 2008

Hi, has anyone ever heard of this sewing machine? I told a friend that I would look at it for her and see if I could figure it out. The threading looks pretty straightforward, but I'm not so sure about the bobbin winder. Any help is appreciated. I have searched the web looking for manuals or something, but so far nothing except other people looking for directions :)


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I collect antique sewing machines, but couldn't find a listing for a "Good Housekeeper." Can you post pictures?


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Yes, I'll have my DH help me hoist it up on the table (it weighs a TON!) this week and take some pics.

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Pictures will be a definate help, perhaps someone else has a machine, not of this make, but similar and can help you with threading and such. Looking forward to seeing your machine. Budster

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OK, here she is! The motor runs, but the needle won't move. I've oiled everything and now I'm letting it sit. It looks pretty clean. The small knob upper right will pull out, move in, but won't turn. The larger knob to the left won't turn. The two buttons on the base plate say up and down.

Any help or direction you can give me will be really appreciated. If I can get this up and running I'm going to be teaching a 12 year old girl how to make curtains for her bedroom on her own sewing machine.

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Do you see how to wind the bobbin? I think it goes from the lower spool holder through the little silver tension disk (or else its a screw only) on the lower right and then up to the bobbin which is placed on the loosen the middle disk of the larger fly wheel and push down the lever where it says PUSH. I assume this because of the spool holder and it's position on the lower part of the machine. I think the UP DOWN is for the feed and see if the little teeth under the throat plate go down or not. The small knob could be your reverse button when you want to back up the sewing. I am sorry I don't know how much sewing experience you have but it seems from the overall look of the machine it should have a fairly similar model made by someone else.....As for the needle not moving.....make sure things are tight (but not so tight you can't budge the disk in the center of the loosen the inner disk to wind the boobins). Maybe someone wound a bobbin and didn't tighten the disk back up. Loosen and tighten all the knobs and see what happens.

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Budster, thanks! Actually I have quite a few years of sewing experience, but not so much with a variety of machines. I didn't think of the up down button being for the feed dogs (I guess 40+ years didn't teach me anything LOL). I'll try all your suggestions tomorrow.

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The up and down might also release the throat plate. There could be other throat plates for mending etc.

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