Laminate flooring oops

donsecoSeptember 8, 2010

We're buying a home with flooring that was installed incorrectly; the installer didn't allow for expansion in the length of the flooring. It runs right up to the wall on both ends (maybe the width is the same way, too). Is it possible to remove the wall molding, then cut the flooring short enuff to give it expansion room, then put the wall molding back in place? Will that let the flooring slip into place & do away with the ripples along the edge? Is a Multi-Tool the right thing for the job?



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You might try a multi-tool if you already own one, (might be a good excuse to purchase one)! The problem I see is that the laminate is more than likely going to chip from such a sliver of a cut and from the vibration. If it's bumped up tight to the wallboard,(if you have drywall), you might cut the drywall right above the laminate and dig that out. It will leave a gap between the sill plate and the flooring which is more than enough room for expansion and will be covered when you replace the baseboards. If you want to give the multi-tool a go, I would try it in an inconspicous area that isn't well seen in the event of it chipping. The other option is removal of the laminate which is doable , but you have to know where to start, it's time consuming and you need to be careful. If you dont have extras laying around from when it was layed, it might be hard to match up.

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Bryan Scott

If butts up to drywall, I would cut the drywall at the bottom and dig it out. To cut, you might look at renting an electric jam saw from Home Depot. You would lay something on top of your flooring to keep the saw from scratching it, then run it along like a circle saw on it's side. I would cut just enough depth that you don't cut the framing rail behind it.

If flooring goes under drywall and butts against the wall framing rail, you will want to cut the flooring to give it space. Whether you use a multitool and reach in there to cut each plank, or pull boards up to cut with a circular saw, depends on how much patience you have.

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Both of these are good ideas. I won't know which road I can take till we get moved in about a month.
Thanx to you both.

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