Adding another friend to my collection

LiddybuffApril 17, 2014

Well friends, I was bad today hummmm or was I good??? I went t my favorite hangouts today (the thrift stores) and sitting there looking right at me was a 504 Singer in mint condition. This is the one they nicknamed The Rocketeer. (1961) I could not wait to get it home and try it out. After I sneaked it in the back door I threaded it up and it sews like it was just serviced. $25.00 what a deal.

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Oh you were good...very good! I can say this because I did the same thing yesterday, only in my case, I bought a 1957 Singer 301. Ohhh, it's a beaut and is what brought me to this forum for the first time. Congrats on your new friend! By the way, I'm Marti and it's so nice to meet you! Now we have two new friends!

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Well that's great news Marti. Always glad to make a new friend. (machine or the flesh and blood type) I live in Georgia. Where are you? I keep saying that "Yes, I know I don't NEED another sewing machine". I'm glad someone else knows what it is like to have one sitting there begging to go home with you. I will have to look up your Singer 301. I have 2 old Singers myself. One is a 101 and the other says "26" They are both in cabinets and both work well. I would put a pic on here but my camera is acting up.

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Oooo Georgia...I LOVE the smooth, velvety Georgian accent! Something so homey and comforting about that. I am in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I can SO RELATE to "needing" another sewing machine. I started with a beautiful fancy Babylock. But once you get really rolling on the sewing wagon, you MUST have a serger, ya know. And now that I'm embarking on window treatments, I NEED one of those strong old workhorses that can take on the layers. ("they" tell me it can. The proof will be in the puddin', I guess.) And of course, while I was looking for my 301, I saw a GORGEOUS new-looking Singer 201, in a beautiful, graceful French cabinet. BUT I would have to drive several hours to get to it. But it's sure on my mind...
Here's my new baby!

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This is a pic of a machine just like the one I just got. It is a 1961 Singer. I was incorrect before when I said it was a 504. It is in fact a 503A. Marti, I found some info on your Singer 301. It looks like a great work horse too.

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