civilmindMarch 27, 2003

Hi all. I just found this forum even though I've been on THS and the Garden Web for about a year. My name is Madonna (yes! for real!) and I'm a single girl with 2 dogs for companionship. I plan on hanging out or checking in every now and then and just wanted to say "hi!"

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Welcome to the forum. You should try the PETS forum, too, for info on your doggies.

- darkeyedgirl

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And Hello to you, too. OK, gotta ask. Are you named after the entertainer, the religious figure, someone else? And do your friends call you Madonna or Donna?

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Hi, darkeyedgirl and Teri2. I check out the pets forum every now and then. It has some good threads.

Madonna the entertainer wasn't famous when I was born. I'm 39 and I think she's 44 or 45. My family isn't Catholic. My father named me that because he liked it. When I was in elementary school I got teased alot so I dropped the "ma" and went by Donna until I graduated high school. Madonna the entertainer wasn't famous then either, so I wasn't jumping on her bandwagon. :)

Nice to meet ya'll!

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