Does anyone ever come here anymore?

sayhellonowMarch 17, 2011

I'm just curious. Where'd everyone go?

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Maybe everyone got married.

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LOL, Asolo!!!!

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I suspect that people have switched to other kinds of online stuff. Facebook, etc. Also some of us are on listserves which are interactive groups of people you actually end up meeting at conferences, etc. As an attorney I am on listserves of probate and trust lawyers in my county and we exchange information, solve problems. For instance, we got info about the possible shutdown and how it would affect courts. The advantage is you know they are real people and not trolls since you have to use your name, address, etc. and join that bar association. We also have social events and its fun meeting people you only knew by name. There are lots of groups like that.

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Social Networking sites like Facebook have definitely taken away active users as Marg727 mentioned. You can seek like-minded people at other forums, good luck in your search.

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Thanks Marge & Mary -- it's good to know this forum is still visited, if only occasionally.

I'm not searching for anything or anyone -- just enjoy chatting with other single adults from time to time. For security reasons, I would not want to use my name online, either professionally or personally.

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Hi sayhellonow,

Thanks for replying. I searched Google for Toxic Parents and came to some comments posted here from '07 or so under the topic "Adults Estranged from Parents." I think it is sometimes good to vent similar growing up situations. I am trying to improve my own outlook and my relationships with my alcoholic somewhat abusive Mom as a middle-aged adult. I would guess there are many lurkers who read the forums, but never bother to post as it is very personal.

And for such things, I think using Facebook is a big disadvantage for sharing very personal issues like growing up in a very dysfunctional family. I keep Facebook usage to a bare minimum and rarely post anything considered too personal as the site is not that private anyway despite what some people may think. Anyway, with some good search skills, someone can find many answers to their personal problems, but in some cases, professional therapy is useful as well.

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I had a similar situation with my step-father, but we managed to bury the hatchet and get over it. It felt a lot better afterward for both of us, as well as my mother, and I'm glad because he passed away this past Christmas. There's a song that says, "It's too late when we die, to admit we don't see eye to eye." Those words were powerful to me.

I agree with you about Facebook, Mary. I use it also, and don't put anything personal out there. My adult children do, and I think they're taking a chance on identity theft. That happened to a neighbor of mine, to the tune of $10,000. They recovered some of the money, but are still struggling with their credit report, which was stellar before the thievery.

I wish more people like you would post their thoughts and feelings here. Can't we all learn from each other!

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Thanks, sayhellonow, Facebook definitely has major drawbacks when it comes to privacy.

That is awful about your neighbor losing 10G due to Facebook-related theft. How sad and expensive for them. Anyway, best to keep very personal information online in an anonymous form as much as possible. I hope someone else who reads here learns to be cautious online with his/her personal info.

Thanks for the compliment and keep this message board active time to time, nice to see quick feedback. :)

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I can't imagine posting on facebook, the things people post here. First of all... way to little of an area to type! and you'd have to be typing to only your friends, which makes an online group kind of pointless if you only get the feedback and opinions of all the people you already know. o.O

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