trouble with zig zag

mollyjaneaApril 5, 2013

hi, i have a 5 year old singer which i haven't used in a couple of years. went to use zig zag stitch for a repair, and it won't work. stitches straight although all settings are correct for zig zag. any ideas?? thanks~

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Since you havn't used it in 5 years,perhaps it needs a good cleaning and oiling.Won't hurt and might help!!

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kathi, funny, i had just written "little cleaning brush and oil' on my list of things to find/buy this weekend. thanks.

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Let us know if cleaning and oiling help..
Where did you have it stored for these last 5 years,did it get damp??

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She says she has a 5 YEAR OLD! Singer..that was stored for "COUPLE OF YEARS"!
Two years of storage won't make a machine so dirty, tho it needs regular oiling if it is allowed--some machines don't.
My first guess is that it is not totally engaged for ZZ (all settings have not been locked in)---or---possibly there are threads caught in the feed dogs mechanism.

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hi folks, today i will hobble over to the machine (been off my feet from foot surgery for 9 weeks, finally got the go-ahead for touching my poor foot to the ground..just a little) and try a cleaning and check all the settings again. the feed dog is clear. i got out the manual and checked everything last week...but i'll do it again! thanks.

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