has anyone seen or installed a cabbinet door activated tapmaster?

scrappy25May 11, 2014

sorry for the typo on the title.

Should be "Has anyone seen or installed a cabinet door activated tapmaster."

I was looking for a tapmaster that could be dual activated from both sides of a peninsula, and found the one that comes with cabinet door and footplate activation. I would rather have dual footplate activation or even better dual Euro rod activation, but those do not appear to be choices for purchase. The cabinet door activator seems a little precarious to me, I can envision accidentally pushing on it from the other side of the peninsula while the faucet was turned around for filling a cup, and getting water all over the sink. I do want the primary location of the tapmaster in front of the sink to have the footplate or the Euro rod.

I am planning a Kohler Stages 45 sink with two identical faucets but only one will be tapmaster activated. Hoping that we can easily acclimatize to which one is on the tapmaster and which one is not. Does anyone have a good idea for a tag or sticker of some sort for notification? I will get the tapmaster that can be locked on so that guests can operate each faucet as usual when they are in my home

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I don't have an answer to your question, but I'd love to take a slight highjack. I've had a Delta Touch2O since just after they came out. I love it. But now we're remodeling and want something nicer. We were also leaning away from a touch or motion system since it does tend to confuse guests.

I read about Tapmaster when I first started thinking about the kitchen reno and had forgotten about it. It seems like that could be the solution for my situation, now that I know you can make it 'normal' for guests as well. I assume it's easy to do so.

If I get a normal faucet, do I have to do Tapmaster at the time of install, or is it just as easily added later? And am I understanding correctly that some can be locked on and some can't? If so, is there a feature name or a particular model to point me towards?

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here is the best comparison of tapmasters that I have found, explains which ones lock and which ones don't..


I understand that it is a pretty easy retrofit.

Hoping someone will reply about the cabinet activated ones or how to make a dual foot operated one.

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