Happy Easter!

eloise_caMarch 22, 2008

Dear All, Have a glorious Easter Sunday!

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Yes, I echo that, Eloise. I hope everyone renews their faith in themselves on this day - PEACE to all!

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Thank you Eloise and Jo. Such an inspirational thought Jo..

Believe it or not, I'm heading into the office for a few hours. I tried not to - worked yesterday, but it was getting late / dark, and although it looks OK, the area isn't really that safe. A stranger breached our security the other day and took someone's wallet. So that's got me kind of on edge. So, I'm going it to finish a project that is due on Monday.

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderfully peaceful day - certainly a day to rejoice - even as Jo says, in contemplating the wonderfulness of oneself and the goodness within our hearts.


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Happy Easter, Mary. My day started off with a 2-mile walk with Harley. I fixed myself lunch (Joseph slept in), did a watercolor painting, walked Harley another 2 miles, fixed dinner, played a bit on the computer and finally, planted 6 Stargazer lily bulbs. The fragrance is so wonderful - I love these things! I am looking for the white Stargazer called "Casablanca" - OMG, it is beautiful and SO FRAGRANT!!!

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Gee Jo, gardening already - I wish is was warm enough. Are you planting in the ground or in containers? Containers may be a good way for me to start, huh. I had a huge bush cut down the other day - it had grown to the size of a tree. I had cut it to the ground when I moved here almost five years ago, but that thing just wouldn't stop. Now you can see my house!!!! I'm kind of excited now that it looks so much better.

You were a little energizer bunny today - all that walking. Sounds like I need to get better organized so I can find more time to do things like that. I used to be very active. Now, I guess I'm just getting lazy in my old age. TIME FOR CHANGE!!!

luv ya guys...


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Jo, you certainly were full of energy yesterday! All that walking you do is great; I NEED to push myself into walking more! Sometimes, I am amazed at how inactive I've become myself as gng said. I used to run 4 miles every day, do aerobics, took night classes, etc., etc. I used to be able to squeeze in more activities when I worked than now that I am retired, lol!

I started my day on the computer, then went to church and heard a wonderful message. Afterwards, there was an egg hunt for the small ones so we were all there with our camera's because it was my grandbaby's (1 1'2 yo) first! Then on to my DD's for a wonderful lunch they prepared. I got home going on 8 PM.

Today, I plan to paint my front door, go shopping and later when it's not so hot, work out in the yard.

gng, you really need to be very careful when you work late like that, especially since you said the area isn't that safe.


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Mary, I planted the lilys in a big pot. I don't want to plant in the ground, at this house - I will be moving this fall and can't face leaving another garden - I have already left four beautiful flower gardens/yards behind!

Eloise, I have a dog who has arthritis, so I must walk him. I have tendonitis in my right foot, which makes it difficult for me to walk, but I force myself to do it, because once I walk a block or two, the pain eases up, so I know I MUST do it for me, too.

When you get old, like me and my dog, you get so many aches and pains - one has to overlook the aches and keep moving!

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