Fixing gaps between concrete blocks in basement

valzone5September 10, 2008

This is a cross post from the basements forum. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I am trying to buy my first home and don't want to get burned. Thanks for any help you can give.

I am considering buying a house that has a concrete block foundation. The basement has some wetness in it from the last heavy rain storm that we had. You can see daylight between some of the concrete blocks. I can't get a contractor to return my phone calls to get an estimate or idea of what it would take to repair the foundation (too much work & not enough contractors in our area - they turn work away).

I know that it's impossible to give me a definite idea as to what I am facing without seeing the basement....but can anyone tell me if this is *likely* going to be a very expensive repair. Can the mortar be replaced from the inside? I assume that waterpoofing from inside is impossible.

I live in the northeast (above Maine) - very cold winters, with lots of snow that melts in spring.

Thanks so much!

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You don't say how much of the "foundation" is above-ground, but when you speak of seeing daylight, I assume that at least some of it is. The mortar between the blocks may have eroded with time and a mason should be able to tuck point between the blocks without difficulty. That which is exposed to the weather would have more probability to wear than that which is bermed by the earth.

Most concrete block, or more accurately, cinder block is somewhat porous and having it proofed is probably a good idea. Call someone that specializes in concrete work, particularly foundations or masonry.

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Thanks newenglandbuilder. There is about a foot - foot and a half, above ground.

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