low slope roof with self-adhering mod bit

crl2202September 15, 2010

I have hired a roofer to reroof my low slope roof. He recommended self-adhering mod bit. I checked the work they have done so far and I notice that the sheets of roofing material on the surface do not always cover the entire width of the roof. There are two or three places at the edge which are covered with several inches of black tar or some sort of sealant. I plan to ask my roofer to explain. How concerned should I be about the quality of this job?

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I would also get a price for a single-ply fully-adhered EPDM (synthetic rubber) membrane. I always prefer the system with the fewest field sealed seams and an EPDM membrane shouldn't have any.

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While self-adhereing modified bit roofs work and work extremely well, the life expectancy and warranty is only 10 years max.

That's why an single membrane EDPM or PVC roof is a better choice.

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