Left or Right Brain? Which are you?

Wings2WMarch 26, 2005

Being total right brain person works for me. I've always been interested in personalities, etc., and feel by understanding one's self (and others)life can be a bit easier......sometimes.

I work for a total left brained boss. He refuses to recognize the differences and tells me, "You can change." (NOT in this lifetime!) My daughter is left and son right. He and I do much better together. It's a black/white world for her. He and I live in various shades of gray.

Could it make a difference in relationships? It has in mine.

How about you?


Here is a link that might be useful: Left or Right Brain?

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Interesting test Wings...I had 18 yes answers and 11 were left side, 7 were right side....I thinks that's because I am a lefty surviving in a right handers world. I shoot a gun and play pool right handed. When I play golf I play righthanded but putt left handed. Baseball, I can play almost equally well with either hand. (slightly better left handed).
I once worked for a guy that was left handed and he confounded his right handed employees with his ideas on how to do things. My current employer is right handed and we work in a field where there are definitely some snags to be overcome often...he appreciates my ability to look at things "left handed" because he is only looking at things from one side, whereas I look at it from both.
What were your numbers?

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I had 12 right side and 7 left. I figured I was more right brained but I'm glad to have a few left-characteristics. I live in a gray world too! I like it there!

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I like it here too jennmonkey! Mine were 5-L and 10-R.

Tinman is a lefty eh? My xdh is too. If I ever tried using his "lefty" things I'd get major frustrated. We right handers take a lot for granted.


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