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myomiSeptember 16, 2013

why do some contractors avoid bldg. permits on roofing?

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I suppose it depends on the locality. Around here, each city appears to be different. Some don't require a permit unless you replace sheathing/decking. Others require a permit for any work. And still others require one _if_ it's an improvement.

But then, every city around here requires one to be insured and some require bonding also, if a contractor is pulling the permit. All of them require a contractor to register annually with the supporting documents, of course the contractor must pay their annual fee to be registered.

A contractor who flat out refuses to pull a permit, when one is required, probably doesn't have insurance and couldn't get a permit anyhow.

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Roof35 is bang on with the response. If a builder doesn't want to pull a permit if one is required show him the door.

Check with your building department.

Did you know if a contractor isn't insured and one of his workers Falls of the roof you are liable for him or her. So permit or no permit check he has insurance by calling the insurer to verify what he tells you.

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I know one city that does "require" permits for reroofing. But they do not inspect the work at all, do not visit the worksite. The permit is just, in this case, extra revenue for the city.

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