Low-slope roof

bus_driverSeptember 4, 2010

The manufactured homes forum has few lurkers with actual experience. Most are just people with questions. Friend is considering buying a double-wide already sited on a lot. Thinks the lot itself is worth the price. The double-wide has shingle roof with just 2 - 12 pitch. My thinking has always been that about 3 1/2 - 12 is about the minimum for conventional shingles and that 4 1/2 - 12 or steeper is really better. So how do they get shingles to work on just 2 - 12 pitch?

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beats me....
2/12 is torch down roof for my clients.
it is good of you to look out for your buddy!
maybe someone has better trailer experience than I do.

best of luck to your buddy.. and happy Labor Day weekend,

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Local code is 2&1/2-12 pitch for a shingle roof.

However mobile homes do not come under building codes. That is one way they do it.

My experience with mobiles is that the manufacturer does not really care if their customers do not get a good home. I lived in one for 24+ years and worked on at least 50, from old to less than a year old.

Most companies have a "here it is, take it or leave it' attitude.

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I don't believe there are any standards for roofing or roof slope in HUD's Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards.

For site built homes, the IRC, NRCA, and most shingle manufacturers allow a minimum roof slope of 2 in 12 for self-sealing asphalt shingles if the underlayment is self-adhering Ice & Water Shield or it's equivalent.

The IRC even allows a 2 in 12 slope with double coverage felt underlayment but that is not acceptable to the NRCA or shingle manufacturers and is a sub-standard construction practice IMHO.

None of these published standards should be confused with good building design for a particular location and building configuration.

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