wandaredheadJune 21, 2008


I'm new to this forum and am so glad I found it!!

Have any of you ever used wallpaper for scrapping?

I read somewhere that as long as you mount the photos on photo-safe paper that there shouldn't be a problem with damaging your photos.

I hope this is true as there are some gorgeous coordinating papers in old wallpaper books.

Any comment appreciated.


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Yes I have used wallpaper for scrapbooking. I know what you mean, there are some really pretty pages to choose from.
I don't know if it is safe to use or not, but I did mount my pictures on acid free paper first. I find that it is very hard to find old looking paper if you are doing a geneology page or scrapbook, and you can find alot if you get books with victorian or old country styles. They are beatiful rich colors. Whatever you decide good luck.

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I too find wallpaper useful for scrapbooking. Sometimes I use it for the background and sometimes I use it for cut-outs.

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I've heard that if the wallpaper is prepasted, that glue can still affect your materials, it seeps out. I'd spray it with the de-acidifying spray first.

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I've got a pen like thing that I've never used that supposedly checks for acidity. Found it this weekend while cleaning out some scrapping stuff to give to a friend of dd. Has anyone used these? I'll check some wall paper and let you all know what happens. I've got newish books, plus some ancient rolls.
kathy (ps I'm usually at the garden forums, but thought I'd check in with you guys. Need inspiration to get some things scrapped this winter!)

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