Should I add 2 rotary turbine vents to roof to reduce summer heat

pcummingSeptember 29, 2011

Should I add 2 rotary turbine vents to roof to reduce summer heat?

Should I add 2 rotary turbine vents to roof to reduce heat?

Goal: Reduce heat in attic. Attic probably about 1200sq feet-a guess. House is 2 story 2400 sq feet.

House is in Charlotte, NC and the summers can get quite hot with the heat index. House is 12 years old. Brick front, vinyl siding.

The vents that reside in the attic are (non clogged-clean) soffit vents and several ridge vents. In the attic are 2 furnaces and 2 AC units.

I do not want to make things worse but rather better or in this case cooler in the attic to help keep the upstairs of the home cooler. AC units are fine, sized right and not leaking.

I am getting a new roof soon via insurance due to hail/wind damage.

I was wondering if adding 1-2 rotary turbine vents and/or a foil radiant barrier on attic sloping joists would benefit me in the summer months?

I certainly do not want to create a vacuum situation where cool air might be pulled from house into attic.

Thanks so much for any informed input

I appreciate it



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Since you are going to get a new roof, check into "roof ridge vents" in comparison to turbines.

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You said several ridge vents. I think what you mean is several non moving vents installed near the ridge.

A true ridge vent is actually two slots cut in the roof(one on either side of the peak) as close to the peak of the roof and running almost the entire length of the roof line. Those slots are then covered with a special cover which is then covered with the shingles used on the roof. The cover is designed with insect guards and baffles to keep blowing rain/snow from entering the attic.

Soffit vents are installed in the soffits according to a formula that calculates the amount of air intake needed to replace the air exhausted at the vents.

This means nature is all that is necessary for the attic to be vented year round. Hot air rises, exiting the vents at the highest point of the roof. Cooler air is drawn in through the soffit vents to replace the exhausted hotter air.

When done correctly, ridge vents keep an attic space cooler than any other method and incurs zero operating costs.

When installing a ridge vent, NO other venting is necessary. In fact, more vents will degrade the performance of a proper ridge vent.

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You could also look into what is called a "power vent" it is a vent with an electric motor which can be hooked up to a thermostat to come on when the temperature gets above a certain temperature. I have sold and seen plenty of them that were installed even on houses that were properly vented with ridge and soffit vents with no issues.

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An attic properly vented with a correctly installed ridge vent would not need any other venting.

You can put a power vent on, but there is no reason to do so.

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