Help with fabric for an OLD simplicity pattern

sudimariApril 3, 2010

Okay, gonna try this again....third times a charm right? LOL

I have an older simplicity pattern (FYI # 5752) for skirts/pants that isn't even listed on their website anymore. I have all the information, but I'm looking at the fabrics listed and I think what I'm considering using doesn't fit anywhere on the list. It wouldn't be the first time I've used non-recommended fabric on a pattern, but I swore I wasn't going through that kind of headache again anytime soon.

So let me tell you what they list and then what I have (since I don't actually KNOW what my fabric is technically...but someone may recognize my description of it). Oh, and I'm making a tiered nothing too tight fighting but drape might be an issue.

For the skirts the pattern lists:

Flannel, laundered cottons (how is that different from just cotton or cotton blends?), Batiks, Lightweight denim, sateen, challis, crepe, crepe de chine, laundered silks-rayons, double georgette (what is that...something I haven't gotton to yet!)

What I have is pieces of 2 coordinating fabrics of the same's kind of a faux suede or microfibre. It reminds me a lot of the texture of my microfiber loveseat. The third one is a dense cotton blend...a stretch (although tight/little stretch) knit...pretty sure it isn't woven...more tshirt or underwear-like. From a distance you can't really tell about the difference in texture...and the colors coordinate well, BUT when trying to get these different fabrics to drape appropriately in layers I don't know what to expect.

Any it just a no-go, or can it be done if watching out for particular issues? And what would I need to be watchiing out for?

Thanks for any inisghts!

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I would guess that laundered means preshrunk. You sometimes need to prewash cottons and silks to be sure they don't shrink when washed the first time. I usually wash all woven fabrics before cutting out just to insure the grain is straight. I used a faux suade to make my ex a sport jacket years ago. It did just fine. However, if your pattern is like the tiered skirts of my youth, it would depend on how heavy the gathers are. Most of the fabrics listed are lighter weight than the microsuade. I think that if the gathering is minimal your fabric would be fine.

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The fabrics listed are light weight and stable--not stretchy like some of your material.

You are thinking of mixing a microsuede, a heavy cotton with a light weight t-shirt material. Three completely different weights of fabric. The heavier fabric will pull down on the lighter weights.

I think you should find 3 fabrics of the same material. I don't think you would be happy with the results made with this combination.

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Well, actually. The lighter weight material might work for the bottom tier. The other two fabrics are the same. I wouldn't use the light weight fabric for the top two for the reasons oilpainter stated. The skirt I'm thinking of has a fitted tier attached to the waistband and the other two tiers are gathered but, other styles had all three tiers gathered. I would hesitate to use a heavier fabric for the top tier for me as it would accentuate the tummy and I don't need that!

The bottom line is. Don't hesitate to experiment and use your imagination. You might like the look a heavier fabric will give this pattern and if that's what you want, go for it.

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I agree with oilpainter. The microsuede sounds too heavy for this pattern.

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Now that I've seen the pattern I would say definately not.

You won't get the gathers to lay right and the weight of the fabric will cause it to hang straight down. You will never get a skirt that looks like the one pictured with those fabrics

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Cotton gauze is great for summer and would be a good weight for that pattern, IMO. It is lightweight and sort of crushed for a rumpled effect in this type of skirt and also in summer flowing pants. Handkerchief linen would also look good, but is sheer and may need a lining.


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Thanks everyone... sorry I've taken so long to get back. My brain has been on some kind of weird vacation lately I was having issues remember how to refresh vs. maximizing windows yesterday!

I was really concerned about the draping which in this case would actually amount to the gathering huh? LOL

Thanks so much Dawn for the photo...duh...never occured to me! ( you actually have the pattern?) Although I am in the process of scanning front of each pattern to tape to the manilla envelope I keep directions and pattern pieces in AND front & back in color to insert into a 3 ring binder (with pertinent notes like in this case...too much gathering for heavy...or the shirt I'm just finishing...doesn't require full stretch knit, but some stretch required...and front of fabric MUST be tolerable against skin for this yoke version to work) for friends, etc to look through if they decide they want me to make them something!

I personally love this style in general, but right now my budget is limited and I have a ToN of poly/cotton blends and knits (some double, some single, some I still haven't figured out) that I received for free from Freecycle. Most of the lengths are too short for me to make pants out of (the previous owner must have been shorter than me...LOL)

So I'm digging thorough trying to figure out what I can/can't make out of my patterns.

Is there a version of a tiered type skirt style that wouldn't involve so much gathering? I figure that it's pretty much out for the knits...they really don't "gather/drape" the way you would want. But maybe for a poly/cotton blend that is too heavy for this pattern?

I have several great dress/skirt patterns that are just basic full flowing styles or a little more slim lined. I guess I'm just hoping for a little variety.

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A thin cotton knit fabric might work for this pattern. If the fabric is free, you could always try one in a thin cotton knit just to see if it works. Nothing spent but your time.

If you have a lot of knits you might want to look at the Stretch & Sew patterns. Look at the Urban Skirt. Here is a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stretch & Sew catalog home page

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