Peninsula or island.

mdmmhhMay 17, 2013

I am building a house and cannot decide to have an island (the plans have island) or connect island to wall and create a peninsula. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am attaching a kitchen that is like what my plan has. Arrangement of appliances depends on my decision. The peninsula would connect to wall where the wall oven is in the picture. Thanks for your help with decision. The back wall is about 9 and a half feet long. Sink stays in island and dishwasher gets moved to right side of sink. Range stays on back wall. Pros and cons or other ideas greatly appreciated.

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I think the island works well because people can go in and out of the kitchen from 2 directions. If you make it a peninsula and there was someone standing with the fridge open, there would be no way in or out.

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I like islands, but I don't like that layout. The sink is too far from the range.

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We have a peninsula, which I love, but if you extended that island in the picture right to the wall, I agree with the other poster, it really blocks off a lot of space. We designed the space on our kitchen so that the peninsula allows 2 people with full arms to pass each other with room to spare. It's working really nicely. What I like about peninsulas is that they provide a block to keep people out of the kitchen when I'm in there, unless I invite them to help :)

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I have a peninsula and love it, it's what turns my kitchen from a U into a G. However, where it attaches to the wall would not have been an access point into the kitchen, so nothing is blocked. I agree with the others that in the photo you have shown, two points of access are better than one.

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