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tjcorneilSeptember 23, 2008

We had a new roof put on just under two years ago and have leaking at all vents, piping and and the edges of our ridge vent. We have notified the roofing company,but have yet to talk to him. We also have had a problem in the past with the roofer over boards we felt should of been replaced when the roof was done. These boards are wet with mold and he claims it is because our bathroom vents are vented to the attic and it is a moisture problem. I find it hard to believe that two people can cause enough steam to cause this much damage. Is there some advice for us when dealing with the roofer. The roof was also put on as a result of wind and hail damage and covered by insurance. We feel since the roof is under warrenty that the roof should be redone totally and correctly. Thank you, TJ

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Get the bathroom vents out of the attic or stop using them; they have to terminate outside. It doesn't take much moisture to allow mold to grow on wood in a dark poorly ventilated space.

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What mightyanvil said: fix the venting. I don't know what region you're in, but in cold climates like Canada, we've seen new houses torn down because of exactly that mistake.

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Like they said FIX the venting problem, what you think are leaks could be condensation. It does not have to be steam to cause condensation, just a difference in the air temperature, higher or lower, that you are dumping into the attic. If your bathroom vents come on every time you turn on the light that could be enough to cause your problems.

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