Photo of the Day March 27

chargreenMarch 27, 2004

Happy Spring !

Here is a link that might be useful:

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beautiful! I am jealous! I had to look and see where you lived to have so much blooming already.

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If the sun would come out of all of the clouds I could take some really nice pictures. That one is from last Sunday and they are really blooming like crazy now. There are white iris naturalized in fence rows around here it's beautiful. Texas is great in the 5 minutes of spring we get before the hot, 8 months of summer comes on!

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Gorgeous! My favorite colour. I can't wait till mine open. Sigh...

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Very nice picture char.....very pretty countryside there also....if I were to take a pic in 90 percent of my area it would be FLAT...glad you got the pic of the day thread going..keep them coming!

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Carrie B

Lovely. Thank you for that. It is nice to see a view of what lies ahead.

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