Where is your dishwasher plug? Is anything else behind your DW?

lucas_tx_gwMay 13, 2013

Our DW plug is in the inside the opening where the DW sits and there are some 3/4" plywood stretcher bars on the back side of that cabinet. It's a 30 yr old house, so other DW's have fit in there just fine.

I knew DW's were taller now and made sure that we could fit them under the counter OK but now looking at most of the new ones, it seems they want the electric to exit out the side with the water lines and to site flush against the back wall of the cab.

They are not just taller but also deeper.

Is that true for all of them?

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Our plug is inside the sink cabinet. Great location if it needs to be unplugged quickly.

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Ours is hardwired.
No plug.
The electric supply line comes form the wall behind the DW.

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In our last house, they dropped the cord through a hole and plugged it in to an outlet in the crawl space. Actually, "crawl space" is being charitable. "Rubble disposal area that you can shimmy through if you have really good knee pads and a miner's headlamp" would be more accurate.

In this house it's behind the dishwasher like yours and when we replaced the dishwasher we got lucky and there was just enough room for it to stay there. I'm not sure it's a great idea, but we left it alone.

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Hardwired. Comes from floor with crawlspace below.

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Ours is hardwired. The wire did come up directly under the DW and then up to the switch, which is crazy. It is now behind the DW where it belongs thanks to my GC. Comes up from the basement and between the floor and wall in a little niche.

If you need an outlet, try a recessed junction box. I just discovered those on Amazon this weekend and want to put them behind my sofa. Lets the outlets sit backa little in the wall so you can use the outlet without the plug sticking out so far.

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Ours goes thru a hole and into a plug that is on a rafter in the basement.

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Like motherof3sons, I put a put an outlet in the sink cabinet.

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Code here requires the receptacle to be put where you can reach it. That also makes it easier if you need to unplug it. Mine is under the sink.

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I believe our code is the same as Peke's; ours is also under the sink. It was easy to drill a small hole in the side of the cabinet and push the cord through.

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Thanks all. Just one of those fun things you encounter. I guess plug behind the DW has seen its days :-)

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