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donnas_gwApril 24, 2008

My grandson's class is selling pillows with the class picture on front (fundraising). My daughter asked me to make one. Everything came with the kit, but with no instructions. (his teacher said there were no instructions). She also knows nothing about sewing. My grandson goes to a school in the next county, so I know no one else who is making these to talk to.

I'm not sure about the kind of trim I was given to use. It is made of fabric, but is the kind that you would use to bind a baby quilt panel (2 pieces of fabric tape all along the top where you insert the panel in between (looks like wide bias tape).

Is this kind of trim going to look ok? Can I place the front and back of pillow wrong sides together and insert them between this trim (tape)? I've made a few pillows years ago, but made my own trim. I know I have to leave one side open to insert the pillow form.

I'm afraid of mine looking so terrible that no one will want to buy it.

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It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Is this a kit that they had custom made by a company or did the non-sewing teacher make it up? If it was made by a company, maybe you can get the phone number for customer service and ask them about it. If not, I'd have to say, I'd throw away the trim (which is not trim at all, but binding) and just make the pillow without it.


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damascusannie, actually the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) supplied all of this. It is supposed to be a big fundraiser for the PTA ever year. Even though his teacher said she knew nothing about sewing, she told me in an email that she would like to have this green trim around the pillow. I think she tells them (PTA members)how she wants it done and they go out and buy the supplies.

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Too bad--it's sounds like she needs to take some sewing classes before she designs projects! 8^) I think that what she wanted was actually piping, don't you? But, not knowing any better, they got the bias binding and thought it would work just as well. I think that you can do what you were planning and just sandwich it between the layers.


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Annie, here is a picture of the trim I was given. I think maybe I'm using the wrong word...ruffle with binding attached.

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Oh dear-that's not very nice at all is it? I can understand the idea of a pre-gathered ruffle on a pillow, but I'd expect it to be wider with fuller gathers. I can see why you are concerned about the final appearance, but if everyone else was given the same stuff, I don't see how their pillows will look any better than yours!


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Not a pretty ruffle....but it is what it is. ;)

I would sew it in the seam between the front and back. The lip should not show so it would be easier to sew it on the front side first and then pin the back to the front and sew around it again using the original stitch line as a guide (you want to sew to the inside of the first stitch line so that the lip will not show).

At the corners it will not turn a right angle so round off the corners, you can clip the lip as you turn. If you have enough ruffle add extra gathers as you go around the corners.

Good luck with your pillow.
Tavern Hill

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damascusannie, I have no idea if everyone else was given the same stuff or not. I do know now that I'm the only one making a pillow for the 1st grade class!! Didn't know that before....I thought they would have alot of people making these pillows, but my daughter told me it is only one pillow per grade. At least, that is what she is telling me. She said people bid on these pillows, and they can sell for as much as $500.00!!!! Might get $5.00 for the one I'm making LOL.

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Did you volunteer for this? I would ask the teacher to ask if another mom from the class sews.....and then that mom could help you sew it. Remember it wouldn't hurt to ask if there is another mom willing to help even if they are from another class....even someone on staff might be able to advise you. I would make it clear you are just seeking help and not expecting someone else to take on the whole project for you (bet you'd like to toss it right out the window now!). Good luck and post a picture of your final product please. You should do fine. Budster

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