Sears/Chamberlain 139.53671SR7 Garage Door Opener

backyarddurangoSeptember 8, 2012

Door does not want to stop downward motion until the T bar flexes and the motor stops. Seems as though this action occurs as a result of normal sensing not working. Down sensor contact is already at the stop position when the unit is started and door will not reverse or go up. When it first hung up the door tried to reverse and stopped in a few inches. The door will travel easily up or down when not engaged to the drive and the safety sensors are both staying green with no flashes from the led. I presume that the problem is circuit related as the gears are still ok and trying to move the door downward until it cuts out. Up and down pressures are at one and increasing the up pressure doesn't help. Unplugging and retrying doesn't change anything.

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It appears that the opener does not know the position of the door.

Take the cover off and confirm that the end stops are functional and in the correct locations.
There is an RPM sensor that spins and has three "blades" that pass in front of a sensor on the logic board. Make sure it is on securely and not broken.

If everything else looks good it's likely a logic board issue.

Hope that helps.

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