Pillow Inserts/Forms what is the right size?

ashbrooke2July 16, 2010

My pillow covers are 18X18 - do I buy 18X18 pillow forms or 20X20? Are pillow inserts made to be the exact size or do you order up? Thanks

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Are you talking about decorative pillows? I just bought some covers and now I'm having a brain fog...I think the size I bought was the "European" which are a perfect square, I think 20x20. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

But when I did a search all I found was 20 x 20 for the square pillows.

When my covers came in my 20 x 20 pillow seemed too small for them.

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Yes, they are decorative pillows in a perfect square. I have found numerous options of inserts and I am trying to avoid buying the wrong thing. Sounds like, I need 20X20 pillow inserts for 18X18 covers. Thanks

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The pillow inserts should always be larger than the covers. So, for an 18x18 cover, a 20x20 insert should fill it perfectly, unless you deliberately want a soft and floppy pillow.


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Helene is right and I learned that the hard way after looking at throw pillows I didnt like *for some reason* for two years.

I just ordered all new faux down inserts for my couch and I LOVE them. Ordered them 2 inches bigger but could have gone another 2 I think- maybe. Anyway, they are great and were only like 7 dollars each for 24 by 24 inch. Found them online.

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Depends what type of filling you want. If the pillowcase is 18 x 18 and you want foam, get 18 x 18 otherwise it will feel a bit too firm. If you plan to use duck feather pillows, get the 20 x 20. Down is really soft, so you could go bigger still.

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oakley, euro size is 25 by 25, used for bed shams usually, although I use mine on a sofa.

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Thanks Mitch! I prefer that size for my sofa in case I ever need to take a catnap. :)

Blubird, I sure wish I knew to buy a couple of inches smaller in the cover before I bought a pair.

Seriously, does anyone know of an online store that sells a lot of textiles, like pillow covers with many colors and patterns to choose from?

I'm looking for checks and plaids and they're really hard to find, or not the color I want.

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I found this while searching for an answer regarding pillows. I appreciate everyone's input! This was the last website I expected to find this kind of information!! :0)

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