ngmnewlywedMay 23, 2006

Does anyone have the new Cricut system?

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I've never heard of it. What is it and what does it do?

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I wanna know too!
Emma in PA

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The Cricut is a portable die cutting system. It cuts out letters and shapes. You have to buy cartridges that contain certain fonts and shapes and then you can cut anything from 1 inch to 5 inches in size. It's very portable and doesn't require a computer but to me, the disadvantage is that you're limited on fonts. With a Michaels coupon, it's reasonably priced.

I personally have the Wishblade which does the same thing although it hooks to your computer but the advantage is that you can use ANY true type font you have on your computer. It's more expensive than the Cricut though.

But if having the Wishblade wasn't an option, I'd definitely opt for the Cricut. I've heard great things about it.

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Well, The regular price is $299. At MIchaels with the coupon you get it for $180. But then, you have to use your 40% coupon to afford the cartriges, which with your coupon are $60 each. Ther are 12 out and one more that comes with the machine. Then the sticky mat that you have to use, comes in a 2 pack and are $10 for those, then there are tools to use with the machine...I can't remember how much they were...the list goes on and on.... I just wondered if anyone had any comments about the unit yet. It just came out a few weeks ago.

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Yea, I forgot about the cartridges and that it didnt come with them. It does add up, which is why I like the Wishblade. Its more than the Cricut but you dont have to buy cartridges. You use the fonts you have on your computer.

I dont know anyone other than some scrapbook store owners that have tried it. I've talked to a few of them and they all give it good reviews so far.

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The wishblade doesn't have cartridges you have to buy? I thought it did and that's why I wasn't going to buy it at the cost and then having to buy everything else. I guess I'd better do some more reading.

Thanks for the information.

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The wishblade does have cartridges to buy BUT if you get the Wishblade Advanced, you dont have to use the cartridges. You can use any True Type font you have on your computer. That's what I do. I've never bought any wishblade cartridges.

Until fairly recently, the wishblade only worked with their cartridges but they've upgraded the machine so that you dont need them and can just use your own computer fonts.

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Well maybe I'll have to be looking into the wishblade then. I'm not going to buy another thing that has to have other things to go with them to work.


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I bought one while I was up for several days on end while taking care of my husband. There was an informercial in the middle of the night and apparently I thought I had to have it. I just received it, forgetting that I even bought it. I'm just trying to really find out what it does, before I open it.

Now I know why they have those informercials on in the middle of the night when people can't sleep. "Because if you call right now, we'll also send you ............."

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I just bought a craft robocutter so I can cut vinyl sign letters at work. But naturally I 'm thinking of using it for cratfing as well. Its like a wishblade. I can't wait to get going with it.

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The new cricut does vinyl up to 23 inches and will even cut fabric. There is a program on ebay that makes it cut any font on your computer. So you can use the cartridges and cut what you have on your computer. I love mine and use it all the time.


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I make stencils out of it, it is great.... You CANNOT use a coupon at either Michaels and Hobby Lobby for any Cricut products... Unless they have them on sale then you get sale price. But never a coupon..If they let you use it they should for everyone. Cricut does alot of things cuts fabric, chipboard,etc. Here is a site that has wonderful prices.. I got my expression the big one at Christmas free shipping for 199.00 their cartridges ate 34.00 each on most all but the new ones and they are 54.00

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Cricut is one of the worst cutters out there. PC's customer service is beyond awful! Google craft cutter. There are much better ones out there that don't require you to buy cartridges.

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I don't have it but really want it. I love working with the cricut. I think that you can make some really great stuff.

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