Stain on Grout and Foot Kick

cece1121September 27, 2012

Cross posted on Home Disasters....I' m baffled and looking for help! Gutted and redid kitchen just over 1 yr ago. All new cabinets and appliances. Several weeks ago, there was a stain that looked like water on kitchen floor grout where it meets the foot kick. The foot kick also was stained and somewhat warped. Thought it was water but it took too long to dry (more than one day). Stain on foot kick never went away. Now there is a second grout stain in a new place. Thought it could be the refrig but see no sign of water anywhere. The fact that the grout stain does not dry quickly makes me think it is not water. See pic. Any help appreciated!

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The term is "toe kick".
Water will take longer to dry from intrusion into wood and unsealed grout.
If you have a basement or a raised foundation, inspect their first.
You'll need to remove the cabinet floor.
Does the plumbing run in the wall behind this cabinet?
You may also need to remove the back of the cabinet.

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Looks like a water leak to me. What appliances are nearby? What's in that cabinet and adjacent cabinets?

Some possibilities:
ice maker supply line
dishwasher supply line
sink supply line
leaking drain

I'd roll out the fridge and look behind, among other things.

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