How to add another gutter downspout?.......

jsbakalSeptember 1, 2006

I noticed that during a couple of recent heavy downpours, water poured over the top of an 8 foot section of 5" gutter. The downspout is clear and since it goes into a drain with a fixed opening, I do not have the option of adding another full downspout. My options would appear to be to change the 5" gutter to 6" gutter and keep the current "oversized" 4" downspout or make another opening in the gutter for an adjacent downspout and "Y" it into the current downspout. I would guess that this would do more to solve the problem since a 6" gutter only holds more volume before it overflows but does nothing to manage the large volume of water that drains into this section during a heavy downpour. Has anyone tried joining a second downspout into the first or have comments about this problem?

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I've never seen or tried this but if you're going to "y" it heres a product that might make it easy. Looks like you'd be putting it in upside down , so the end will need to be crimped. Hopefully your problem is the hole cant handle the water, and not that the downspout cant handle the water. Prolly worth a shot before before replacing the whole thing.

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Before going to the trouble of adding another downspout, make sure the gutter has not pulled away slightly from the fascia where the overflow occurred - this frequently happens when gutters are attached with spikes. If the gutter begins to pull away from the fascia, it creates a low spot where the gutter is pulling away from the fascia.

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Thanks for the lead on the "Y" device to join two downspouts into one. The overflow is from the front of the gutter and I have reflashed the unit to the fascia so that is not the problem. I was hoping the gutter could be repitched to solve the problem but they tell me the pitch is adequate. I wish there was a way to determine if a 6" gutter or a second downspout opening (that merges into one drain outlet) would give me greater capacity to protect against overflow. The 6" gutter would probably look better but I am more concerned about making sure the gutter does not overflow.

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